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Furman MINI PORT Series Power Relay 20A

Furman MINI PORT Series Power Relay 20A - DISCONTINUED

Furman MINI PORT Series Power Relay 20A

Planet DJ is an
authorized FURMAN dealer


The MiniPort Series Power Relays are remotely controlled relays that switch 120 VAC. The MP-15 handles 15A; the MP-20, 20A; and the MP-30, 30A. Control is via a full-size terminal strip that allows remote control via safe, inexpensive, low voltage Class 2 control wiring. The MP-15 and MP-20 are UL and C/UL listed; the MP-30 is pending....

MiniPorts can be controlled from a remote location with either maintained or momentary contact switches such as the Furman RS-1 or RS-2 system control panels. For single switch locations, use the RS-1. When the system needs to be controlled from more than one location, use the RS-2.

Multiple MiniPorts may be connected together so that all are controlled by a single switch closure, and may be linked so that all turn on simultaneously or one by one, in a delayed sequence. If delayed, the delay interval between the turn-on of one MiniPort and the next is approximately 3 seconds. Delayed turn-on is useful in avoiding large inrush currents that can trip house circuit breakers, that would otherwise occur if all amps were turned on simultaneously. Please note that turn-off is simultaneous, however.

A Furman PowerLink or ASD-120 Sequenced Power Distro can also be used to control MiniPort(s), expanding their current-handling capacity with an additional 15, 20, or 30 amp circuit per MiniPort. In this use, the MiniPort(s) are connected to the control terminals on the PowerPort or ASD-120, which provide the necessary switching function.

With the addition of a PS-REL AC Relay to provide switching, a MiniPort can be used to extend the capacity of a Furman PS-8R or PS-PRO Power Sequencer -- or, for that matter, any product with a switched outlet, such as a receiver/amp controlled with a wireless remote. When used in this manner, the MiniPort is switched on or off when the outlet that the PS-REL is plugged into goes on or off.

All models include an internal 12 VDC supply, and are housed in rugged steel enclosures. The MP-15 and MP-20 come equipped with heavy duty, 10 foot AC cord and are UL and C/UL listed.

Note: Because of its 20 amp UL and C/UL rating, the MiniPort-20 uses a real 20 amp plug. This is a special AC plug. It will NOT plug into a 15A receptacle, so please plan for this to avoid delays in getting your project up and running.

The MP-20 is an upgrade of an earlier Furman 20 amp product known as MiniPort. The primary differences are the ability to use momentary switches, the delayed turn-on output terminal, and the additional knockout hole. Dimensions: 5.5" (H) x 3.25" (W) x 2" (D). Width at mounting base is 4.75".

This Item Has Been Discontinued or Is No Longer Available.
This information only remains here as a reference for those who need information on this product.

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