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Acoustic Band Lighting

Updated: Feb 2019

acoustic band lightingFor the acoustic performer, lighting can be something of an inconvenience. If a venue doesn't have their own lighting, chances are you're not towing a trailer to carry your own. A portable solution that's easy to control is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, whether you're a 1, 2, or 3-piece acoustic group. Here are just a few all-in-one acoustic band lighting solutions. 

The solutions we present here have two focuses in mind: portability (easy to get around without having to a haul a 15-foot trailer) and functionality (easy to operate, while still creating an effective lighting solution). 

Blizzard Lighting Weather System

The Blizzard Weather System features 8 separate fixtures, all able to be controlled separately. Each fixture uses 3 RGB LEDs giving you lots of wash in a small space. With an adjustable stand, you can accommodate nearly any acoustic stage setting, while controlling everything from the 4-pedal foot switch.

Check Out the Blizzard Lighting Weather System Here

Chauvet 4Bar Tri USB Par Package

For those looking for acoustic band lighting that has more of a "stage look", then the Chauvet 4Bar Tri USB might be what you're looking for. While the USB wireless DMX availability is nice, this portable package shines because of the wireless foot controller, allowing you to place the lighting stand where you need, and the foot controller where you want. The stand extends as high as 7-feet 4-inches, and gives you plenty of light for your performance, even from a distance.

Check Out the Chauvet 4Bar Tri USB Par Package Here

ADJ Dotz TPar System

Besides a great price point, ADJ's Dotz Tpar system utilizes COB (Chip On Board) LEDs. This design allows you to have up to 90-degrees of wash from your this light tree. An acoustic band lighting setup that gives you that wide of a wash is perfect for the larger band. Additionally, you also get 24-degree lenses to focus the light on a smaller stage. If you don't like the setup of the lights underneath the bar, the Dotz TPar system also comes with hardware for mounting the lights on top of the bar, giving you added height to the stand.

Check Out the ADJ Dotz TPar System Here

All of these units also feature sound active modes, auto-run programs, and static colors, which are all controllable from their respective foot controllers. For a viable solution for acoustic band lighting, these package systems are usually the perfect option, and they're easy to get around, set up, and break down with minimal effort by one person.

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