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DJ Controllers

Planet DJ offers a full line of DJ Controllers from the biggest names in the business. From DJ controllers for beginners to 4-channel controllers, we offer the best gear at the best prices. Whether you're a fan of Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ or any other DJ software, we have the right controller for the right price!

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  1. pioneer ddjsx2

    Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Serato DJ Controller System

    Pioneer introduces the latest DDJ-SX2 controller for Serato DJ with "Serato Flip" functionality. The new DDJ-SX2 is the industry's first controller to use Serato Flip, which can record and playback a user's hot cue operations. In addition, th Learn More

  2. pioneer xdjrx

    Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Controller System

    Pioneer introduces the XDJ-RX, an all-in-one DJ console that incorporates two separate digital players, a mixer, and a built-in monitor. The uniquely designed DJ system is intended for users of the popular Pioneer rekordbox' music management soft Learn More

  3. numark mixtrackpro3

    Numark MIXTRACKPRO3 All-In-One Controller for Serato DJ

    Designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind, the new Mixtrack Pro III DJ Controller a multitude of features and performance attributes that set them above the entry-level class of product, yet they offer extraordinary value and easy Learn More


  4. numark ns7iii

    Numark NS7III Four-Deck Serato DJ Controller with Multi-Screen Display

    Building upon the acclaimed NS7II, the NS7III continues Numark's "best of both worlds" approach by fusing the power of a Serato DJ-managed digital music library with the coveted response of a professional DJ turntable. NS7III further raises the b Learn More

  5. denon dj mc4000

    Denon DJ MC4000 Professional 2-Channel, 2-Deck DJ Controller

    The all-new MC4000 is a 2-deck Serato MIDI controller for the professional DJ, wrapping indemand audio manipulation tools in a robust steel chassis. In addition to precision touchactivated jog wheels, performers get access to dedicated hot cue and sa Learn More

  6. denon dj mcx8000

    Denon DJ MCX8000 Standalone DJ Player and Controller

    The MCX8000 gives the DJ total command over Denon DJ's revolutionary Engine' media player and Serato DJ software on the same control surface. This is a true professional standalone DJ Player/Controller. The DJ can run Engine and Serato DJ at Learn More

  7. pioneer ddjsr     new

    Pioneer DDJ-SR 2-Channel Serato DJ Controller System, New

    The DDJ-SR 2-channel DJ controller is designed for use with Serato DJ software. The smaller and more compact DDJ-SR inherits many of the same functionalities and controls of the larger DDJ-SX, offering large aluminum jog wheels, integrated performanc Learn More

  8. pioneer ddjrx

    Pioneer DDJ-RX 4-Channel Rekordbox DJ Controller

    The Pioneer DDJ-RX is natively designed for rekordbox dj, and one of the first controllers to be such. The RX gives you a plug-and-play solution to perform directly from your laptop, allowing you to both prep and spin your tracks through rekordbox. T Learn More

  9. denon dj dnmc6000mk2

    Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Professional Digital Mixer and Controller

    The MC6000MK2 is Denon DJ's most popular and versatile DJ controller and digital mixer all in one. Modern club and mobile DJ's have made this unit a standard. Slim design and metal chassis give the MC6000MK2 a sleek look with durability. The 4-channe Learn More

  10. numark nvii

    Numark NV-II 4-Channel Serato DJ Controller

    The all new Numark NVII with its sleek design, improves on the superior performance of the original! Suited and tailored with an eye-catching symmetrical design, the NVII features an upgraded layout with clear markings for fast, responsive operation. Learn More

  11. pioneer ddjsz2

    Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Flagship Professional 4-Channel Serato DJ Controller

    The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2 is an evolution of the original DDJ-SZ DJ controller. This rework of the flagship unit not only gets you the latest version of Serato DJ, but gets you completely interactive with the latest features of Serato Flip, key sync, ke Learn More

  12. reloop mixon4

    Reloop MIXON-4 4-Channel Hybrid DJ Controller

    In close collaboration with Serato and Algoriddim, Reloop proudly presents the first hybrid performance controller that fuses the two acclaimed DJ softwares with a multi-platform concept. With MIXON 4 the choice is yours. Empower your DJ set with the Learn More

  13. pioneer ddjrz

    Pioneer DDJ-RZ Rekordbox DJ Controller

    The world-class Pioneer DDJ-RZ professional DJ Controller is the first of its kind, natively supporting rekordbox dj. This first of its kind controller allows you to prep your tracks with rekordbox, and use the dj software to get your plug and play s Learn More

  14. pioneer ddjrzx

    Pioneer DDJ-RZX Professional 4-Channel DJ Audio and Video Controller

    Visualize your sets with the DDJ-RZX controller for rekordbox video. Designed for DJs on the road, it comes with three 7-inch touch screens that let you close your laptop and get intuitive control over audio and video features in rekordbox dj and rek Learn More

  15. american audio vms5

    American Audio VMS5 MIDI DJ Controller

    The American Audio VMS5 is one of the most comprehensive DJ Controller ever designed for performance minded DJs looking for a solid, all-in-one Midi Controller to control their software and music from their laptop (4 Deck and 2 Deck DVS!), plus have Learn More

  16. pioneer ddjrr

    Pioneer DDJ-RR Rekordbox DJ Controller

    Designed for Rekordbox DJ, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR Controller, is the small brother to the already popular line of rekordbox controllers like the RX and RZ. This 2-channel controller features an intuitive layout, with illuminated on-jog indication, and Learn More

  17. reloop beatpad2

    Reloop Beatpad-2 2-Channel DJ Controller for iPad

    The BeatPad 2 from Reloop is the only professional and truly reliable cross-platform controller that is able to completely utilize the full potential of the award-winning DJAY 2 mixing software from Algoriddim. Based on the original BeatPad controlle Learn More

  18. pioneer ddjrb

    Pioneer DDJRB Rekordbox DJ Controller

    Inspired by the famous RZ and RX, the Pioneer DDJ-RB is an entry level DJ controller for rekordbox dj. This 2-channel controller is USB-powered, helping you get on the move and get started with Pioneer's dj software. Loaded with intuitive features, t Learn More

  19. pioneer ddjsb2

    Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Performance DJ Controller, Black

    With all of the features from the DDJ-SB, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 DJ controller takes the popularity of the original controller one step further.With Pro-DJ functions being added, even beginner or entry level DJs can now have 4-deck control and button Learn More

  20. numark mixtrack3

    Numark MIXTRACK3 DJ Controller with Virtual DJ LE 8

    Designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind, the new Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller offer a multitude of features and performance attributes that set them above the entry-level class of product, yet they offer extraordinary value and eas Learn More

  21. numark mixdeckexpblack

    Numark Mixdeck Express MKII CD/USB DJ Controller, Black

    Introducing the Numark Mixdeck Express controller in Black! The Numark Mixdeck Express MKII features industry-standard MIDI control and a built-in audio interface to allow you to DJ seamlessly with your computer. It's gig-readyeverything you need to Learn More

  22. gemini g4v

    Gemini G4V 4-Channel Virtual DJ Controller

    The G4V transforms the standard DJ MIDI device into a dynamic and formidable software performance controller. Within its fully metal enclosure are 2 full-featured physical DJ decks that allow complete control of 4 virtual software decks. The 16 multi Learn More

  23. reloop neonusb

    Reloop NEON USB Modular Controller

    The Reloop NEON is a powerful pad controller for Serato DJ that will elevate your performance to a whole new level. Learn More

  24. reloop tm8

    Reloop TERMINAL MIX 8 4-Deck Serato DJ-Performance Pad Controller

    Reloop has developed a 4-deck pad-based performance controller designed to work intimately with the popular SERATO DJ software. The controller was developed in close cooperation with Serato, and it responds to the requirements of professional club DJ Learn More

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