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Akai MPC2500 Sampler Production Workstation, New

akai mpc2500   new
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The Akai Professional MPC2500 Music Production Center combines a 64-Track MIDI Sequencer with a 32-voice 16bit Stereo Digital Sampler. The MPC is a rock solid sequencing and drum programming machine with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads. The unit allows you to sample more efficiently. This composition center is contained in one extremely powerful desktop unit.

Designed for professional audio production, the MPC2500's intuitive and ergonomic interface makes it the ultimate user friendly composition studio.Two internal effects processors can be used simultaneously. This includes a wide range of effects algorithms, such as reverb, delay, bit grunger, chorus, phasers, flying pan, 4-band EQ, compressor, and a phase shifter.Real-time control is provided by two note variation sliders and two Q-Link knobs. Q-link knobs can be separately assigned to allow flexible, real-time performance control of a wide variety of selectable parameters. These parameters include level, pan, filter cut-off and resonance, and tuning.Each assignable Q-Link knob can generate MIDI data so that parameter information can be recorded and played back from within a sequence. Following the highly acclaimed MPC60 and MPC3000, 2 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs come standard enabling 64 external MIDI channel operation. In addition, the MPC2500 can individually control its onboard sampler up to 64 Parts, allowing users to assign a different program on each track.A large LCD screen allows a clear view of sequence data displaying features such as a drum machine 'grid'. Continuous MIDI data can be shown as well as edited graphically.The MPC2500 comes with 16MB of onboard memory which can be expanded up to 128 MB of RAM via the optional EXM128 memory card.The MPC2500 has the capability of an optional internal Hard Disk and CD-RW drives. Akai Professional, in its pursuit to remain the leader of digital sampling technology has released the MPC 2500. This unit designed for professional audio production, offers drum programming, sequencing, and sampling capabilities. Artists now have the luxury of producing music with a compact music composition center.1) Improved Akai MPC design- Large graphic LCD display based on the friendly user interface of the MPC series MPC's iconic "feel" and "groove" - Velocity and pressure sensitive pads allow for expressive programming, with more pad banks - New Features such as Chopshop, Patched Phrase, Grid Edit, Effect and LFO sync, Mixer Automation, and Input Thru Expanded Linear/Pattern-based 100,000 notes, 64-track sequencer and 64 external MIDI channels 32-voice, 16bit drum sampler equipped with 16MB of RAM with ability to hold 128 RAM 2) Extensive connectivity- Two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs - Built-in USB Slave port for connection to a Windows or Mac OS computer - Built-in 10 analog outputs - 2 1/4" stereo analog inputs and outputs with 16bit/44.1kHz sampling - Master/Slave synchronization capabilities: MIDI clock - 2 Assignable Footswitch inputs 3) Sample Library Compatibility- Compatible with:- MPC1000: SEQ, WAV, PGM, ALL - MPC2000/2000XL: SEQ, WAV, SND, PGM (Most parameters of a PGM file can be loaded.) - MPC4000: SEQ, WAV, PGM (DRUM program only. Only note assign and tune are loaded.) - MPC3000: SND (THRU Computer) - Z4/Z8: WAV only - S5000/6000: WAV only (THRU Computer) 4) Extensive sound control- Extensive sample editing that includes cut and paste, timestretch, slice, resampling etc, with waveform - Display, discard, extract, delete, silence, normalize, reverse, and pitch-shift - Dynamic resonant multi-mode filters, 2 envelope generators and 1 LFO for each of the 32 voices - 2 Q-Link sliders and 2 knobs for real-time control over a wide variety of dynamic changes 5) Self-contained- Optional user installable Internal hard drive to store custom sound libraries and sequences - Optional user installable CD-RW/DVD drive SpecificationsSound Generator Data format: 16bit linear WAV Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz Memory: 16MB standard (11.5MB for sound memory), expandable to 128MB Memory expansion slot 1 x for optional EXM128 Recording time: 136sec. (16MB, MONO), 24m28sec. (128MB, MONO) Polyphony: 32-voice Filter type Low pass, Band pass, High pass Dynamic filtering 2 x 2-pole filter per voice Preset sound memory 5MB Number of programs: 24 Effects Effects 2 stereo effects and Master effectEffect type Chorus, Flanger, Bit grunger, 4 band EQ, Compressor, Phase shifter, Tremolo, Flying Pan, Reverb, Delay Master effect: 4 band EQ, Compressor Sequencer Maximum events: 100,000 notes Resolution: 96 parts per 1/4-note Sequences: 99 Tracks per sequence: 64 MIDI output channels: 64 (16 channels x 4 outputs) Song mode: 20 songs, 250 steps per song Drum pad: 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive) Drum pad banks: 4 Sync mode MIDI clock Drumpads 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads 4 pad banks 16 Levels: Velocity, Tuning Automated Pad Mixer (Level, Pan and FX send) Track Mute and Next Sequence features for live performance Data Compatibility MPC1000: SEQ, WAV, PGM, ALL MPC2000/2000XL: SEQ, WAV, SND, PGM (Most parameters of PGM file can be loaded.) MPC4000: SEQ, WAV, PGM(DRUM program only. Only note assign and tune are loaded.) MPC3000: SND(THRU Computer) Z4/Z8: WAV only S5000/6000: WAV only(THRU Computer) Q-Link 2 sliders and 2 rotary knobs Assignable to internal sampler controls: pitch, filter cutoff, resonance, level and pan General Display: 240 x 64 dot graphic LCD w/back light Compact Flash (up to 2GB) Connections Record input (L and R) 1/4-inch stereo phone x 2, balanced -40dBu, input impedance 11k ohms Max. Input level +10dBu Digital input RCA-pin x 1 S/PDIF Stereo output (L and R) 1/4-inch phone x 2 balanced +11dBu, output impedance 1k Ohms, Max. output level +22dBu 8 individual analog outputs 1/4-inch phone x 4 balanced +11dBu, output impedance 1k Ohms, Max. output level +22dBu Phones output 1/4-inch stereo phone x 1, 200mW / 100 ohms Digital output RCA-pin x 1 S/PDIF MIDI inputs 5-pin DIN x 2 MIDI outputs 5-pin DIN x 4 USB Slave connector x 1, USB MASS STORAGE CLASS support (You need Windows 2000/Me/XP or later version, or MacOS 9.x/10.x or later version.) Footswitches 1/4-inch phone x 2 Options EXM128 128MB expansion memory card CD-M25 CD Drive Power 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz Consumption: 70W max (with all options) Standard Accessories 32MB Compact Flash card, Power cable, Operator's manual, HDM-10 Hard Drive Adaptor Kit Dimensions & Weight 16.33"x 3.68 x 13.10''- 415 x 93.5(MAX 139) x 332.9(Max 334 ) Weight: 13.5 Lbs 6.15kg (Excluding drives and options)

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ManufacturerAkai Professional
Product ConditionNew - On Clearance

Akai MPC2500 Sampler Production Workstation, New Reviews

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