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OPEN BOX - An "Open Box" is usually an item that has been returned by a customer in "near new" condition. Many times there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The customer may have changed their mind, it was too complicated, wanted a different model, etc. An "Open Box" may also have been taken out of the box by one of our staff for a sales display or demonstration, never even in the hands of a customer. "Open Box" items could show some minor normal wear (i.e., a mark where a rack screw may have been used, a mark wear a clamp was previously attached to a bracket), but typically nothing more than you would expect during minimal use.

BLEMISHED - A "Blemished" item has a cosmetic flaw, other than what may later be covered up by a rack screw, clamp on a bracket, etc. "Blemished" items are commonly referred to as "Scratch & Dent" items. (i.e. a speaker or light with a noticeable scratch or dent on the front would be deemed a "Blemish".)

REFURBISHED - A "Refurbished" item is typically an item that has been returned to the manufacturer under warranty, and has either been repaired or otherwise brought to current specs. Even if it simply just needed a fuse replaced or a dip switch setting changed, once it has gone back to the manufacturer for repair, it typically gets relabeled as a "Refurb." "Refurbished" products have been tested and verified to function properly by the manufacturer and are thus free of defects, similar to a certified, pre-owned car. (i.e. a speaker that had a crossover replaced inside would be deemed a "Refurb".)

CLEARANCE - A "Clearance" item is a new item that has now been discontinued by the manufacturer or that we otherwise have chosen to no longer carry.
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