Low Price Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest delivered price on every item we sell - even up to 30 days after your order ships!

If you see a lower, publicly advertised delivered price for an in-stock item by an authorized dealer (either now or within 30 days after your order ships), let us know! We'll find out how they did it and even try to beat the deal for you as well.

If you do find a lower price somewhere else, there is usually an important reason that you should be aware of! Not all product is identical, and not all dealers stand behind their products as an authorized U.S. dealer entitling you to full warranty on a product. If you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, any applicable warranties and/or rebates are void! That is why we must verify every price match for authenticity. Most of the time, we find that the customer is getting short-changed somewhere. But, if it truly is a lower price meeting all of the criteria outlined herein, then we want to get you the best deal and will gladly do so as a thank you for bringing it to our attention! We want you to be confident that you are getting the best possible deal from a reputable dealer.

What is the delivered price of an item?

The delivered price of an item is the entire cost to you to receive the same exact product, delivered to your address using the same exact shipping method, plus any applicable tax collected by the retailer. If a competitor is $5 less on the product, but charges $30 more for shipping, we still have the lowest price. If a local store is $5 less on a product, but collected $30 more for tax, we still have the lowest price.

What is the same exact product?

Our guarantee applies only to identical product. This means the product must be factory-new inventory offered by an authorized U.S. dealer in accordance with their dealer agreements in their own sales channels (on their official website, in their catalog, in a newspaper ad, etc.)

  • We cannot beat competing offers on used gear.
  • We cannot beat competing offers on items that are no longer current or for merchandise that is no longer available.
  • We cannot beat competing offers from classified ads or auctions (open or closed), regardless of whether the merchandise is new or used.
  • We cannot beat competing offers on discontinued items, closeouts, demos, or items out of the box (even from authorized dealers).
  • We cannot beat competing offers mentioned to you only verbally, whether in person or on the phone.
  • We cannot beat competing offers advertised only within an individual store (such as on an in-store sign or price tag).
  • We reserve the right to not sell below our cost, regardless of whether another dealer chooses to or not.

What evidence is required?

We will need evidence of the competing offer sufficient to verify that the offer meets the criteria outlined above. This varies from situation to situation.

How do you get us to beat another price?

If you have not yet placed your order, most items on our website have a Price Match button located next to the "Add To Cart" button. Simply provide us with the price match details, and we'll get right back to you with a link to purchase lower or an explanation of why we can't. You may also call us toll-free at 1-877-435-4327 during business hours.

How do you get the difference on an item you've already purchased?

We guarantee the lowest delivered price for 30 days after your order ships. Please just call us toll-free at 1-877-435-4327 to have a promotional credit applied to your account to be used towards your next purchase, after verification. Limit of one price match request per item. Our price match guarantee doesn't apply to discontinued or closeout items.

Last updated: November 1, 2015