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Allen & Heath GL3300 832 D 18 Buss Live Sound Console

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allen & heath gl3300-832-d
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This product is a pro monitor and live recording mixer. This buss offers new mute groups, direct outputs, mute switches on the group faders, additional gain on the aux sends and a group balanced output option.

Dual Functionality:
GRP/Aux Mode switches reverse aux master section with the group faders giving up to 8 monitor sends with inserts on 100mm faders. Another under panel switch converts the Mono control and XLR output to an engineer's listen wedge output.

Frames Available:
16, 24, 32, 40 channels available. 16 channel version has all mono inputs. 24, 32 and 40 channel frames can be supplied in A,B,C and D versions for a choice of mono / stereo channel configurations and positions:

8 Audio Group:
Assignable from paired routing buttons and pan from channels. Groups access LR busses via a pan control. Groups 5-8 have XLR outputs, 1-4 are to the mix only. All have inserts. Optional 25-way D connector on rear panel can provide +4dBu outputs for all groups for recording purposes

8 Auxiliary Sends:
8 auxiliaries switchable pre/post fade in blocks: 1-4, 5-8. Aux masters are rotary controls. Auxes 1-4 have inserts and XLR outputs. Auxes 5-8 have (TRS) outputs for FX sends; these provide XLR outputs with inserts when the GRP/Aux reverse switches are pressed

12x2 Matrix:
2 matrix outputs (A & B) are fed from the groups and the LR busses and the stereo returns. They are controlled by 60mm faders, have AFL and are connected to the groups regardless of GRP/Aux mode.

4 Mute Groups:
4 selector switches on input channels assign the mute groups. These are controlled by 4 large illuminated master mute buttons.

4 Band EQ plus HPF:
Separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands. HPF @ 100Hz is switchable

Stereo Channels:
The GL3300 can be ordered with 0, 4, or 8 stereo input channels (except 16 channel version - see Frames Available above). Mic or line source on either 2 XLRs or 2 TRS jacks with 20dB pad / sensitivity, separate gain and mono select controls for L & R, and 4 band EQ

2 Stereo Returns:
(TRS) line inputs. 60mm fader control with pan & routing to group, L&R and the matrix

Engineer's Toolbox:
Headphone and wedge monitor controls. 3 segment led meters on input channels and 4 segment leds on GRP/Aux masters. 12 segment bar meter on L & R follows the PAFL system.

A BNC lamp socket is provided

RPS11 300W 3U rack mounting power supply.

RPSD2 1U dual supply combiner allows 2 PSUs to link up to the console for redundant supply backup, with monitoring

Configuration Options:
Internal links to configure: individual aux sends as pre/post fader & pre EQ. Isolate pre-fade aux from channel mute. Pre-fade direct out. Mono out as pre-fade

(0dBu=0.775 Volts rms / 0dBV= 1 Volt rms)
Mic inputs XLR Female, balanced, pin 2 hot 2k ohms -60dBu to -10dBu
Line inputs TRS jack Balanced, tip hot, ring cold 10k ohms -40dBu to +10dBu
XLR Mono - female, balanced, pin 2 hot 10k ohms -40dBu to +10dBu
Stereo - female, balanced, pin 2 hot 10k ohms -40dBu to +10dBu
Stereo returns TRS jack Unbalanced >6k ohms -10dBV minimum
2-track return TRS jack Unbalanced >16k ohms -10dBV minimum
Channel inserts TRS jack Unbalanced, tip send, ring return 0dBu, +21dBu max
Output inserts TRS jack Unbalanced, tip send, ring return -2dBu, +21dBu max

Direct outs TRS jack Ground compensated <75 ohms 0dBu, +21dBu max
Matrix outs TRS jack Ground compensated <75 ohms -2dBu, +21dBu max
TRS jack Balanced option, tip hot, ring cold <75 ohms +4dBu, +27dBu max
Aux 1-4 outs XLR Male, balanced, pin 2 hot <75 ohms +4dBu, +27dBu max
Aux 5-8 outs TRS jack Ground compensated <75 ohms -2dBu, +21dBu max
2-track send TRS jack Ground compensated <75 ohms variable +21dBu max
Group 5-8 outs XLR Male, balanced, pin 2 hot <75 ohms +4dBu, +27dBu max
LRM outs XLR Male, balanced, pin 2 hot <75 ohms +4dBu, +27dBu max
Group out (option) 25-way D type Impedance balanced <75 ohms +4dBu, +21dBu max

• Width: 1281mm 50.5"
• Depth: 640mm / 25.2"
• Height: 265mm / 10"

• 0 dBu = 0.775 Volts rms
• Operating:
Internal operating level 0dBu channels, -2dBu mix
Internal headroom +21dB channels, +23dB mix to output
Max outputs balanced +27dBu >2kohm max load
unbalanced +21dBu >2kohm max load
• Frequency Response:
Referred to 1kHz @ +4dBu, 20Hz to 30kHz
Mic in to L-R out, 40 dB gain 0/-1dB
Line in to L-R out, 0dB gain 0/-1dB
• Distortion:
THD+noise @ +14dBu, 1kHz output
Mic in to L-R out, 40 dB gain 0.006%
Line in to L-R out, 0dB gain 0.006%

• Crosstalk:
Referred to driven channel @ 1kHz
Adjacent channel < -100dB
Fader closed < -90dB
Mute on < -80dB
Pan pot isolation < -72 dB

• Noise Performance:
Measured rms, 22kHz bandwidth
Mic in EIN (150 ohm source) < -128dB
Line preamp, 0dB gain < -93dBu
L-R residual noise <- 98dBu, 102dB s/n
L-R faders '0', nil routed < -90dBu, 94dB s/n
L-R mix noise
(16 channel routed) < -86dBu, 90dB s/n
Group mix noise < -87 dBu, 91dB s/n

Mic in, 40dB gain @ 1kHz > 80dB

• Metering:
Input meters 3 segment led
Mix meters 4 segment led (signal, 0, +6, peak)
Output meters 12 segment led
Led meter response Peak reading
Peak indicators 0n 5dB before clipping
Signal indicators on -20dBu
Integral VU meterbridge illuminated VU moving coil meters

• Power Supply:
RPS11 300W rack power unit with DC cable
RPSD2 Dual supply monitor

Additional Information

ManufacturerAllen & Heath
Product ConditionNew - On Clearance

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