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Allen & Heath XONE V6 Audiophile Rotary Club Mixer

allen & heath xone-v6
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Audiophile Rotary Club Mixer.

• Input Channels 6 dual stereo channels with switchable sources (RCA). CH1-4 are RIAA / Line, CH5-6 are Line / Line (RIAA inputs can
be internally configured to line level if desired).
• A rotary gain trim control knob is located in the meter housing on each channel - internal options for 0 /+6 / +10 dBu matching Valve (Tube) Section Channels 5-6 each have a stereo valve (tube) preamplifier - ideal for mellowing harsh digital music sources
• Microphone input High quality mic input.
Metal shrouded balanced XLR connector on rear panel. Phantom power can be internally selected.
A level control and 2 band EQ (120Hz / 2.5kHz) are on the front panel. A toggle switch selects mic on (when off, mic can be cued in headphone monitor). Rear panel switch routes the mic to the booth output if needed. An insert point (TRS) jack is provided for external processing
• EQ - A large rotary control for high pass filter is provided on each channel, which sweeps from 30Hz to 600Hz - this is usually the only EQ needed as low end program can be filtered out as channels are mixed, thus preventing phasing and overload.
The filter can be switched out using the hi-pass toggle switch. Insert points on each channel (rear - RCA) provide external processing access.
• Cue Intelligent cue system. Large chromed push buttons on each channel - illuminated by blue LED. Single push operation and auto-cancelling. Headphone monitoring incorporates a mix/cue' preview control, headphone level, and bass-cut /
HF-lift tone control. Front and rear headphone jacks are provided Rotary Faders'.
• Precision Penny & Giles conductive plastic rotary controls are provided to mix the level on each channel.
• Insert - Stereo Insert points (RCA) for each channel provide access to use external processing such as FX or EQ. Possible future options for V6 may interconnect here.
• Master Out Rotary control for level. 2 band EQ providing +/- 6dB @ 80Hz and 10kHz. Balanced XLR outputs (+4dBu). Insert points (TRS) & additional (TRS) jack -2dBu outputs and recording (RCA, -10dBV) outputs are also provided. Twin 1950s design illuminated VU meters provide accurate output level monitoring Booth Monitor • Output is balanced XLR at +4dBu. With level control, and 2 band EQ providing +/-6dB @ 100Hz and 10kHz
• PSU Custom - external, stand alone (or wall-mount) power supply with unique intelligent circuitry which checks and monitors the mains AC voltage, and automatically configures the supply to suit. Voltage ranges from 100-265V @ 50/60Hz can be tolerated. Output is 60V up to 2 Amps with very low noise.
• Options Potential options for valve inputs for all six channels. Add-on EQ expander with 3 band, semi-parametric midrange control for all six channels.

• CH1-6 Line Inputs:
RCA L and R connectors
Level variable from off to +10dB gain (+6, 0dB options)
Impedance >10k ohm
• CH1-4 RIAA Inputs:
RCA phono L and R connectors
RIAA equalisation (line input option)
Nominal level 7-100mV
Impedance 47k ohms / 330pF
• Channel Inserts:
RCA phono connectors (jumper plugs provided)
Operating level 0dBu
Impedance Send <75 ohms, Return >10k ohm
• Microphone Input:
Balanced XLR Pin2 hot
Level variable from off to +60dB max gain
Impedance 2k ohm
CMRR -70dB 100Hz to 10kHz
+30V phantom power enable option
• Microphone Insert:
TRS jack Tip = send, Ring = return
Operating level 0dBu
Impedance send <75 ohms, Return >10k ohm
• Master Output:
Balanced XLR (for balanced connection only)
TRS jack (for unbalanced connection)
XLR operating level +4dBu (0dBu option)
TRS operating level -2dBu
Impedance <110 ohm
• Master Insert:
TRS jack Tip = send, Ring = return
Operating level -2dBu
Impedance Send <110 ohms, Return >5k ohm
• Booth Output:
Balanced XLR (for balanced or unbalanced connection)
Operating level +4dBu
Impedance <75 ohm
• Record Output:
RCA phono L and R connectors
Operating level -10dBV (-8dBu)
Impedance <500 ohm
• Cue Input:
TRS jack Tip = L, Ring = R
Operating level 0dBu
Impedance >10k ohm
• Headphones Output:
TRS jack Tip = L, Ring = R
30 to 600 ohms headphones, 70 ohms recommended
Power 480mW into 70 ohms, 150mW into 600 ohms
• Channel Hi-Pass Filter:
12dB per octave
Variable frequency 30Hz to 600Hz
On/off toggle switch
• Microphone EQ:
Vocal optimised LF and HF shelves
HF +/-15dB 2.5kHz shelf
LF +/-15dB 120Hz shelf
• Booth EQ:
Music optimised LF and HF shelves
HF +/-6dB 10kHz
LF +/-6dB 100Hz
• Master EQ:
Music optimised LF and HF shelves
HF +/-6dB 10kHz
LF +/-6dB 80Hz
• Cue EQ:
LF/HF cut/lift tone control
+ = HF lift / LF cut
- = LF lift / HF cut
• Frequency response:
Line in to Master out +0/-0.5dB 10Hz to 30kHz
+0/-1dB 8Hz to 40kHz
• Maximum Output Level
Master output +28dBu into >10k ohm
+22dBu into >2k ohm
TRS output +20dBu into >2k ohm
Booth output +27dBu into >2k ohm
Record output +14dBu into >5k ohm
Channels +26dB
Mix +24dB
Distortion THD+N
Master output <0.01% @ 0dBu
<0.03% @ +10dBu
Valve CH5, 6 <0.1% @ 0dBu (2nd harmonic)<0.4% @ +10dBu (")
Crosstalk Measured 100Hz to 10kHz
Rotary fader shutoff <-90dB
Inter-channel <-90dB
LR separation <-64dB
Headphones to mix <-90dB

Additional Information

ManufacturerAllen & Heath
Product ConditionNew - On Clearance

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