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4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Vinyl Like New

Updated: Feb 2019

Got vinyl? Chances are you've got dust, too. Whether you're an LP aficianado or a lover of vinyl in conjunction with DJ software, taking care of your records should certainly be a priority. While there is no absolute way to really purify a record, there are ways to clean them, and there's plenty of research that's gone into the some of these ideas for keeping your vinyl around a while.

1. The World-Famous Gruv Glide

This dry record cleaner isn't just popular, it's a standard. Gruv Glide was designed to not only lift dust, but static as well. One of the few solutions out there for keeping your records sounding as crystal clear as possible, while maintaining the original structure of the grooves for a longer lifespan. Get it here.

2. The Consumer-Loved Discwasher D4+

The Discwasher D4+ kit from RCA can serve two purposes. Use the brush without the cleaning fluid for simple way to keep your vinyl dust free, or follow the insanely simple directions to give your vinyl a good cleaning. This system became popular for the brush itself, but folks definitely love what the fluid can do too. Get it here.

3. The Simple VC-1 Cleaner from Stanton

Another solution designed for keeping your vinyl static free is the Stanton VC-1. While this is not a dry solution, the effectiveness of getting dirt and debris from your grooves can be heard in a single cleaning. Get it here.

4. The Super Clean Carbon Fiber Brush from Reloop

Reloop Cleaner

With more than a million fibers on the brush, you get a deep, yet gentle cleaning in the grooves of your vinyl. No solution included here, but you also avoid getting micro fibers from things like cloths on your vinyl, which will destroy the sound over time. The carbon fiber also acts as a static remover. This is a great tool when you're on the go and don't have time for fluids. Get it here.

Finally (and this is probably a given, but we're just covering our bases), keep your vinyl out of the heat. Don't leave it in your car or by a window, especially with the hot summer upon us. Always store it in a vinyl case or bag, or on a shelf that's large enough to freely pull out and put away your vinyl as needed to prevent warping. Always stack your vinyl vertically. Keep your vinyl fresh, and it will keep you happy for years to come.
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