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5 Brilliant Cable Ideas To Simplify Your Setup

Updated: Feb 2019

The consumer world has become obsessed with wireless technology, and that's something that is slowly creeping into the pro audio and lighting industry. The ability to broadcast audio, fly lighting and even control our music through wireless resources is a reality. Unfortunately, wiring is still a part of our setups. Cable management can be a time-consuming, frustrating task that adds to the overall workload. Thankfully, we've got some cable solutions that can make your life a little bit easier.
Photo Credit: Gavin Schaefer

1. This Multi-Outlet Power Cord

Plant this cord through your lighting truss or taped along a wall, and you've turned 6 extension cords into one. The PDX series from Hosa features multiple outlets, evenly spread apart, cutting your cord running time in half, and keeping your setup clean. Ah, clean cabling... Get them here.

2. This Piggyback Power Cord

This is one of our favorite solutions for daisy chaining power. The Hosa PWD-402 from connects to an extension cord. Plug the power into the back of your speaker, or light where you didn't have an additional outlet, and voila! Another edison jack. This is perfect for running power to both a subwoofer and  speaker top without having to run two long power cables. Get it here.

3. This Locking Wall Wart Unit

Let me guess, wall warts, you hate 'em, right? Limited real estate in the power department at many venues can cause headaches for anyone with several bulky wall warts. Thanksfully, there's the Furman PlugLock to save the day. Protected with its own circuit breaker, the PlugLock can rock up to 12 amps of power for your wall warts. The locking clamps hold your warts firmly in place, so no more annoying fallouts. Get it here.

4. This Power Y Cable

When you've got lots of lighting, you want to save space wherever possible. The Hosa YIE-406 is a power splitter to help you combine two power cords to one. This is an excellent solution if you've got two lights sitting right next to each other in trussing. Get it here.

5. This RCA Piggyback Cable

Running out of inputs on your mixer? The Hosa CRA-201PB allows you to plug in a second RCA unit into a single input on your mixer! Keep that odd-ball audio source at the ready by simply adding it to this piggyback cable, and never run out of inputs again!Get it here.

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