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6 Smart Ideas for the Mobile DJ

Updated: Feb 2019

If you've been a mobile DJ since the 90's or earlier, you often reminisce (but not miss!) the days when gear wasn't so small. From bulky lighting to endless crates of CDs and vinyl, the setup of a mobile rig often involved intensive manual labor. Heavy lifting was both dreaded and expected at every gig. But for the love of the art, you persevered. Today, that hard work has paid off. Music has gone digital. Setups are lighter and more portable than ever before. But if you're still looking to lighten the load a bit, here are six of our favorite add-ons that have made setup a little simpler for the mobile DJ.
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1. This Portable Disco Ball Stand

Mirror ball motors don't mount very nicely to trussing. They often need 3 points of mounting for their round base. The Mirror Ball Stand from Eliminator all but changes the game. This stand holds a mirror ball up to 20 inches wide, allowing you to play this favorite past-time wherever you want. The 3rpm motor and hook are built right into the stand, and it includes a scrim to hide the tripod. Add your own mirror ball, and you've got one fancy solution to an age old problem.Get it here.

2. This Foldable Facade and Table Combo

One less trip to the truck is time saved, especially if you're not parked 5 feet from your setup spot. The Grundorf BeatBooth is a 48" folding table and tabletop facade in one, available with both white scrim and black scrim. This ingenius combination breaks down and sets up in seconds, allowing you to get right to the task of setting up equipment and lighting. Plus, you don't need to carry your table and facade separately. This is a truly unique idea that we hope expands to include larger sizes, and possibly some additional accessories. Get the white scrim here. Get the black scrim here.

3. This Bluetooth Transceiver

While Bluetooth isn't the way to DJ a reception, it's certainly helpful for cocktail hour and ceremony setups. Being able to connect to a Bluetooth compatible device and play off a preset playlist or Spotify/Pandora prevents the mobile DJ from lugging around a secondary setup. But why replace your speakers? The Bluetooth Total from Alto Professional solves this problem altogether. Plug this device into any XLR input, and you've got yourself a fully compatible bluetooth receiver. Even better? This is a rechargeable receiver, so you can either plug it in for continuous power, or give yourself several hours of battery-powered bluetooth reception. Yes! Get it here.

4. This All-In-One Portable Lighting Setup

Anyone who follows the industry knows this one is a no-brainer. The Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2 is an easy to setup lighting fixture that includes a mini laser, two effect lights, two washes, and 4 mini strobes to create an exciting effect for your entire dancefloor. The Gigbar 2 package also adds a tripod, carrying case, and wireless foot controller. That's right, plant this lighting where you need it and control the unit up to 25 feet away from the tips of your toes. One of these will cover most dance floors, but two creates symmetrical excitement in an easy to transport, easy to setup package. Dodge the ugly cables, plug in, and go! Get it here.

5. These Hydraulic Lifting Speaker Stand

Tired of lifting speakers? We hear you loud and clear. The Gator Frameworks Speaker Stand is a hydraulic lift that allows you to mount your speakers down low. One-handed operation lets you raise the stand to your desired height, then lock it in place. Their sleek design is certainly worth some bonus points. While not as inexpensive as some speaker stands, the Frameworks series redefines the word "workhorse". No knobs to strip out or wobbly poles here. This sturdy setup is worth every penny, especially given the cost of a good chiropractor these days.Get it here.

6. This All Terrain Handcart

Stop picking things up and putting them down. This isn't the gym, this is your livelihood. The RocknRoller R12RT is an 8-in-1 handcart with several different setup options. When folded up, it takes up half of the space of a small speaker. When opened up, your world can change. Haul literally everything you take to your gig in one or two trips. Rocky terrain? No problem? The wheels on the RocknRoller were designed to handle the bumps of our days. With a 500-pound weight capacity, you're going to save lots of back ache and time. Get it here.

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David Smith

posted on Sep 8, 2017 6:39:34 PM
One of the most important about playing, besides playing the right note is getting the sound that will enhance your playing. Thanks for the idea.

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