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Best DJ Lights 2018

Updated: Feb 2019

best dj lights 2017

It was a big year for DJ lights. We've gotten more wireless, more portable, and brighter this year. We've seen all-in-one setups in small packages. The world of DJ effect lights is truly innovative in design, and will continue to be so for 2018. For now, here's our current top products based on both sales and site search, and traffic trends. This list does not include moving heads and higher end lighting, which we'll create a separate list for. We'll be updating the best DJ lights list on a monthly basis for 2018. Now without further ado...

ProductControlProduct Link
Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2Sound Active, DMX, IRC, Wireless Foot SwitchDetails
ADJ StarburstAuto, DMX, Sound ActiveDetails
ADJ H2O DMX IRAuto, Manual Mode, DMX Control, UC IR (optional)Details
Chauvet Mini Kinta IRCSound Active, IRC-6 Remote (optional)Details
Marq Lighting RezoTube PackAuto Program, DMXDetails
ADJ Aggressor HexSound ActiveDetails
ADJ Stinger IISound Active, DMX, IR Remote (optional)Details
Chauvet Kinta FXSound Active, DMXDetails
ADJ Mini DekkerSound Active, DMXDetails
ADJ Vertigo HexSound ActiveDetails

Chauvet Gigbar 2

chauvet gigbar 2

Last year, Chauvet DJ's Gigbar was the hot ticket in the DJ lights. For 2017, it looks like the Gigbar 2 will continue the legacy. This all-in-one unit comes complete with 2 effect lights, 2 pars, mini strobes and a laser. What makes this an all in one system is that you get the stand, WIRELESS foot controller, and a carrying bag to boot. An epic effect that's easy to setup and teardown. For symmetrical results, buy 2. CHECK CHAUVET GIGBAR2 PRICE

ADJ Starburst

adj starburst

A late arrival to the party picked up steam quickly, and became one of our hottest products. Unless you have a mirror ball stand, hanging a mirror ball and pinspotting it can be a bit of a time consumer. The ADJ Starburst offers a 6-in-1 Hex LED that produces 34 beams of pretty much your choice of color (in DMX mode), lighting up the room. Set this up on top of your table, or even better, on some truss totems, and you've got a disco ball effect ready to go!


h2o dmx pro ir

What do you get when you cross 2 glass effect wheels, and 1 dichroic color wheel? A super cool water effect on your dance floor. Whether you want to throw an under the sea dance party or just create some ambient light effects, the H2O has long been a staple of the ADJ arsenal. The latest model uses an 80-watt LED to create bright effects, while the manual focus lens lets you get just the picture you want. Still a unique effect by today's standards.

Chauvet DJ Mini Kinta IRC

mini kinta irc

The Chauvet Mini Kinta is a small unit that packs lots of light. This is a simple unit designed for auto shows, but you can add some color control with the option IRC-6 remote. This is definitely the best of the budget DJ lights for 2017 so far. The wide angle of beams can easily cover an entire dance floor with just the right amount of effect.

Marq Lighting Rezotube Pack

rezotube pack

Marq lighting came out strong last year, and the RezoTube Pack was a big player in that. The RezoTubes were the first of their kind to hit the US market, and they create unique effects that are controllable via a single "brain" unit. "The more, the merrier", applies, but these truly allow you to push your creativity in creating unique lighting effects, as you control them via auto show, DMX, or pixel mapping.

ADJ Aggressor Hex

aggressor hex

With a 12-watt LED, the Aggressor Hex LED DJ light is one of the brightest in its price point. With a 6 colors to choose from, you get spectacular LED shows direct from the sound of your speakers. This is yet another budget-minded unit, but the one of the best moonflowers available today. You'll get plenty of coverage on the dance floor and then some, and if you're pairing this with a fog or haze machine, you'll be plenty impressed by the bright beams.

ADJ Stinger II

An all-in-one in the smallest package possible! The ADJ Stinger II is a DJ light that features a moonflower effect, strobes, and mini red and green laser, all in a unit that's about a foot wide and a foot tall. This is not only a great effect light for a compact setup or light bar, but a great way to learn DMX control. Plenty of effect in a small package has easily made this one of our favorites at Planet DJ.

Chauvet Kinta FX

Another late arrival this year has show its true power late in the game. The Kinta FX is an upgraded version of the Mini Kinta IRC, adding a mini red and green laser and strobe to a fixture that's about the same size. Additionally, DMX control has been added to this version, making it another great option for learning DMX control. Crisp beams and bright strobes are the big winners here aside from the price point, and if you're looking for a great light to start or add to a smaller collection, this is a superb choice.

ADJ Mini Dekker

Cross a budget-minded DJ light with DMX control and you've got the powerful, yet compact Mini Dekker. DMX control doesn't come by for under $80 very often, but this one is worth every penny. 2 10-Watt quad color LEDs give you sharp beams. Whether you've got a programmed show or running everything standalone, this unit will fit right in. 8 channels of DMX control are yet another great opportunity to learn the art of controlling your lighting, while the portability is appreciated by many mobile DJs.

ADJ Vertigo Hex

Rounding out our list is one of the oldest players in the game of DJ lights that still has lots of attraction. The poweful Vertigo Hex from ADJ is a sound-active light that got a reboot about two years ago. With 6-color LED, this unit was revamped from an already awesome configuration to give you less heat, bright light, and more color options. This is a great go to beginner DJ light at an even better price point.

So what do you think? Is there a DJ light that you absolutely loved that didn't make the list? Comment below and let us know! The list of best DJ lights 2018 is one of the toughest to crack, as DJs look to make their shows more creative and entertaining than ever before.

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mike mcallister

posted on Oct 11, 2017 10:39:22 AM
maybe 1 or 2 dmx strobes and possibly have a decent either 2 or 3 colour laser system to just round it off perfectly this would make the package complete

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