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Best Speaker Stands 2018

Updated: Mar 2019

best speaker stands

For the mobile DJ, safety and sound quality play a large role in the best setup. Speaker stands are a worthwhile investment for any type of mobile DJ. The unprofessional, poor-sounding, and often dangerous scenario of speakers planted on the ground is an eyesore that should be avoided at all costs. At Planet DJ, we've put together a list of some of the best speaker stands for 2018. Now, without further ado...

ProductProduct Link
BEST VALUE: Ignite ProCheck Price
BEST QUALITY: K&M 21450Check Price
Ultimate Support TS-90BCheck Price
Ultimate Support TS-100BCheck Price
On Stage SS7761BCheck Price
American Audio CSL-100Check Price
Gator Frameworks GFW-ID-SPKRSET ID SeriesCheck Price
On Stage SS8800B PlusCheck Price
Ultimate Support JS-TS50-2Check Price

BEST VALUE: Ignite Pro

Pair of Ignite Pro Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands Adjustable Height Stand

Boasting a weight capacity of 130 pounds, the Ignite Pro speaker stands are the right choice for the budget-minded DJ. The 23" base spread is a little thin for wanting to make sure your speakers are securely stationed, especially in outdoor and potentially uneven environments, so we recommend only using these on flat, indoor surfaces. But if you need a quick and cheap solution for the short-term, these could be a solid choice.


K&M 21459 Speaker Stand Package

As the reviews say, "cry once at the price". These speaker stands are expensive enough to make someone balk. But the value you get out of only needing one pair of speaker stands for a long time is enough to make them pay for themselves. If you want durability and reliability, you've found it with K&M. PS, you'll love the built-in shock absorber, once you figure out what it is...

Ultimate Support TS-90B

Ultimate Support TS-90B TeleLock Series Lift-assist Aluminum Speaker Stand with Integrated Speaker Adapter

One of the best selling speaker stands has been around for quite some time! The Ultimate Support TS-90B offers lift assist, which uses simple hydraulics to help you elevate the speaker while it's on the stand. No more throwing tons of weight over your shoulder.

Ultimate Support TS-100B

Ultimate Support TS-100B (2-Pack) Lift-Assist Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stands

The Ultimate Support TS-100B is a stand designed with the quality of the 90B, but without the Telelock feature of the 90B. This speaker stand is sturdy and offers a wide leg base. These are available in single pack or 2-pack deals. Need parts? No problem, Ultimate Support offers a full line of parts should any fail.

On Stage SS7761B

On Stage SS7761B All-Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand

The On-Stage SS7761B is a no-frills, affordable workhorse, and easily one of the most popular speaker stand options available. With a reasonably wide leg base and 120 pound capacity, this stand is an excellent solution for passive and lighter powered speakers.

American Audio CSL-100

American Audio Color Stand LED -Channel Speaker

Want to add some flair to your mobile rig without adding more gear? The American Audio CSL-100 is an LED equipped speaker stand, offering a variety of LED light shows controllable through IR remote. It's one of the lighter weight capacities in the price class, so take into account the size/weight of your speaker, but this one certainly helps you stand out from the crowd.

Gator Frameworks GFW-ID-SPKRSET ID

Gator Frameworks GFW-ID-SPKRSET ID Series Speaker Stand Set of 2

Perfect for the DJ with varying terrain that they run into during their travels. The Gator Frameworks GFW-ID-SPKRSET is a pair of speaker stands that offer rugged design, and incredibly wide base, and a 3rd adjustable leg. These stands can adapt to nearly any leveling issues, keeping your stand and speaker safe and secure during your gig.

On Stage SS8800B+

On Stage SS8800B Plus Power Crank Up Speaker Stand

Another excellent alternative to lifting speakers high above your head is the On-Stage SS8800B. This crank-up speaker stand is designed to make elevating your speakers to the right height a breeze. The over-sized tightening knobs make locking your speaker in place easy.

Ultimate Support JS-TS50-2 Pair of Tripod Speaker Stands

Ultimate Support JS-TS50-2  Pair of Tripod Speaker Stands

Another budget-minded solution is the Jamstands JS-TS50-2. Made by Ultimate Support, you get a similar solid design of the more expensive stands in a more affordable package.

In most cases, speaker stands are capable of holding 12" to 15" powered speakers no problem. As technology becomes smaller and lighter, you'll find that weight issues will taper off. Regardless, make sure you have a complete understanding of how much your speakers weigh, and how much your speaker stand can hold. So, how'd we do on our list of best speaker stands for 2018? Did we miss any big picks? Let us know in the comments!

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