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Cesar Moran Celebrates 11 Years

Updated: Feb 2019

Cesar first joined Planet DJ in 1999 with an already impressive DJ resume. "I first touched turntables in 1982 at the age of 13. My first gig was a skating rink called Skate Plus. The ‘DJ bug’ caught on quickly with me, and I ended up at a Reno teen club called Red Square, alongside their residents at the time, Christoff and Chris. These guys ended up pulling me into some pretty wild fraternity parties where things really picked up. In '94, I took my turntables on the road, doing mobile gigs. That ‘DJ bug’ is as strong as the day it caught on." 

Cesar, like all Planet DJ reps, knows that DJ gear and pro audio isn't just a purchase, it's an investment. "Most folks have already read what's in print," says Cesar. "I enjoy being able to give an idea of the first-hand experience with our gear. It's a chance to go a little bit further for our customers." Like all DJs, Cesar has his own concept of ideal DJ gear. So it's only fair that we picked his brain on what gear he's a fan of. 

Favorite Speakers:
“Personally, I love the EAW FR153. I've got a pair of these at home. I love the sound, and get countless compliments on the low end of them. If you’re a powered speaker fan, then you should be rocking the JBL PRX Series…big sound in a small package

Favorite Light:
“Tough call on this one. The American DJ Shooting Star has an amazing amount of coverage in a small package. I recommend it to anyone who calls and isn't sure what they want in lighting. On top of that, their Quad Phase is one of the brightest Moonflower effects I’ve seen in LED lighting.”

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