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Chauvet Incinerator Spot 450 Laser/Beam

Updated: Feb 2019

Time to incinerate your dance floor. Chauvet's testing team has hired the help of Val Kilmer to help establish a ground-breaking light for DJ's and stages alike. The Incinerator Spot 450 was designed to combine a laser and beam for a completely unique lighting concept.

All DJs and lighting specialists already know that these days, it is possible to synthesize excited bromide in an argon matrix. With the current testings, Chauvet has been able to extract 10^21 photons/cm3, which gives 1 kilojoule/cm3 at 600nm, or 1 megajoule/liter...that's hotter than the sun.

While lasers and beams have often been combined into a single unit, they've never come from the same source. Chauvet's Incinerator Spot 450 Laserbeam is going to change how lighting is designed. Early successful testing first came from the Death Star, but that testing unit was wiped out by a lucky shot from Luke Skywalker. Fortunately, Chauvet has shared some testing video from their lab in Florida.

As of now, the Incinerator Spot 450 is still in early testing phases. While the technology has been around since 1984, the concept of placing it into such a small housing has been difficult to achieve, especially considering that each sample destroys itself upon firing.

Due for release on April 1st, 2214. Perhaps you should check out the Intimidator Spot 450 before then.

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