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Chauvet Announces Premium Truck Series

Updated: Feb 2019

Already a powerhouse in both consumer and professional lighting markets, Chauvet has revealed an additional market expected to be first released on April 1st, 2013: The Chauvet Premium Truck Series.

Hours of research have revealed that Chauvet’s top of the line LED lighting is not only effective in the nightclub, but in the automotive industry as well. Chauvet’s already popular lights will now come outfitted for any pickup truck light bars that are currently available. Initial releases will include modified versions of the Chauvet Colorstrip, The Chauvet Min RBX laser, the Chauvet Followspot, and the Chauvet Swarm. Lights have optional camouflage tailored to your needs, and come complete with universal mounting brackets, including a snorkel mount, allowing you to take the electric lighting under water.

Chauvet Truck Series Studies have also revealed that the lights are more effective than the original fog lights designed for pickup trucks today, with ability to not only mesmerize wild game, but humans as well. It is not known yet if highway patrols will allow the lights to be used when a car is in motion.


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