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NAMM 2016 - Alto Professional Unveils Truesonic TS2 Series

Updated: Feb 2019

Alto Professional's Truesonic powered speakers have been a staple in the industry for a few years now. With 400 watts of continuous power at a more than reasonable price point, their portability and sound quality have become something appreciated by the mobile DJ. Alto has now upped the ante with the new Truesonic TS2 series.

The Truesonic TS2 series consists of a 10", 12" and 15" powered speaker, and two subwoofers, with Bluetooth integrated versions up and coming as well. The seres has been stepped up in quite a few ways. First, the power of the Truesonic series speaker was boosted a bit from 800 watts to 1100 watts peak (400 watts to 550 watts continuos). While not a significant boost, it'll certainly be noticeable. The TS2 is also 4-6 pounds lighter depending on which speaker you get, which is certainly going to make your back feel a bit better at the end of the day. The unit was also built to be more portable. Not only will you notice a slimmer body on these speakers, but they feature 5...FIVE...FIIIIVE handles, so you can pretty much grab them any way you want, making loading and unloading a snap.

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Chris Whybrew

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