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Pioneer Shows Off WeDJ iPad App

Updated: Mar 2019

In January of 2016, Pioneer revealed their own DJ software called rekordboxdj (it's even in lowercase for a cooler look). Since then, Pioneer has released DJ controllers that were targeted at this endeavor versus their previous releases that utilize a Serato DJ license, and it's been a good move on Pioneer's part thus far. Today, Pioneer is expanding their software creations into the world of the iPad with the WeDJ app.


With "play" and "cue" buttons that mimic that of their world-class media players, Pioneer is bringing WeDJ to the app store to capture a corner of the market they haven't quite seized up. While their famous DDJ-WeGo family of controllers have been a hit, they've relied either on Serato or another iPad app for music playback, so the move isn't all that surprising following the release (and success) of rekordoxdj.

The Layout
The layout and design of WeDJ is intuitive, but simple. The setup could mimic that of an entry level DJ controller, just based off of different screen views. Within the app, you can easily access your sampler, hot cues, FX, etc., and still have quick access to each of the virtual jog wheels on the screen. The track listings are clear and come complete with waveform preview for those that hear music with their eyes. Waveform playback can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, and of course, the sync button is readily available for when you just don't feel like trying to beat match. It's okay. We love all DJs, new and old. There's also an "Automix" button for those that are just looking to mix some tunes without doing any of the legwork. This is a solid feature for cocktail hours, the end of the night at a bar gig, or when you want to DJ your own wedding (we don't actually recommend this).

Pioneer WeDJ Screenshot Pioneer WeDJ Screenshot

What's So Different?
It seems to be general consensus that we all have either fat fingers or small devices, which means the layout of a DJ app is usually simple and clear. Pioneer doesn't stray from this strategy, and the screenshots above show just that. What separates Pioneer from other apps is that Pioneer manufactures their own DJ controllers. Touting that the app works in conjunction with the DDJ-WeGo3 and the soon to be released DDJ-WeGo4 is something that no other app developer can do while only speaking to their own brand. Other apps set themselves up with other popular DJ controller manufacturers to give better performance control than just touchscreen access.

The WeDJ iPad app is now available on the iTunes store for $2.99. After September 30, the price goes up to $4.99.

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