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Uplighting Your Triangular Truss

Updated: Feb 2019

Uplighting Triangle TrussFor many owners of triangle trussing, uplighting can be a bit of a tricky task. With most pars being round or square, and far too large for smaller triangle truss, finding a solution hasn't always been easy. But one particular pair of lights seems to have gone under the radar for some time. Chauvet released the EZ Wedge Tri and Wedge Tri more than a year ago, and they've been the perfect solution for those with triangle trussing.


The Wedge Tri and EZ Wedge Tri from Chauvet are smaller uplighting units, with 3, 3-watt RGB LEDs. While nothing fancy in terms of versatile colors, they were designed to be a powerful uplighting solution that would fit into the smaller spaces of units like a Goal Post or Arch Truss, often used by the mobile DJ. The best part about these solutions is their size. No longer than 4.3" on any given side, they fit into nearly any triangle trussing that you might have, and their lack of bulkiness makes them easy to put in and take out of your trussing, whether you have a portable or permanent setup. The included IRC remote makes line-of-sight control a snap.

The Chauvet Wedge Tri is a hard-line powered triangle uplight, and features power-linking, allowing you to daisy chain units that might be in the same truss setup. The Chauvet EZ Wedge Tri is a battery-powered unit, and while it doesn't have power linking, it will run up to 20 hours on a single charge, and offers a simple battery power indicator, so you always know when it's time to juice up your lighting again

While they aren't large, the size of these units is nothing to balk at. Driving 3 watts of LED power per LED, you get plenty of light out of a small package. The LCD screen makes it easy to set up your lighting for DMX or simply place it into auto-run or sound active mode. We're always hoping for these little guys to get an upgrade to more LED color, but for now, this is the perfect solution if you're looking for lighting on your triangle truss.

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