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Create the Wedding First Dance on Clouds

Updated: Mar 2019

Perhaps one of the most photographed moments of any wedding is the first dance. As one of the memories that any couple wants to preserve for a lifetime, anything to add extra "wow" factor to these few minutes is extremely valuable to photographers, videographers, and guests. While intimate lighting certainly creates an elegant scene, the thought of dancing on clouds is something of a fantasy-world idea.

Now, with the Chauvet Nimbus, the bride and groom can have that fantasy come true. The pictures in this article have not been edited. These are real shots from real weddings (with thanks to our friends at Justincredible DJ Entertainment). A bride can now have the ultimate pleasure of dancing with her new husband on clouds. Add in extra lighting or a moonlight backdrop for an even greater effect. The clouds here were created by this dry ice machine. Remember, this is NOT fog. There's no oily residue, no odor, and the clouds never rise, only dissipate.

This low-lying cloud is effect is perfect for the mobile wedding DJ or the bride looking to create that first dance on clouds. While the effect only lasts 5-6 minutes, most first dance songs only last that long.

Street price on the Nimbus does run about $999, but the upsell will be well worth it over the life of the product. Since there aren't any automated moving mechanical features, having the unit break down isn't very likely.

Another advantage to dry ice over a low lying fog machine, is that dry ice is merely solid carbon dioxide. While you should always consult a doctor in regards to any conditions, there are no additives or chemicals in dry ice that aren't found in our constant surrounding environment. Always be sure to ask your venue managers if you can have your first dance on clouds. It's extremely rare that this low-lying cloud would set off a smoke alarm system, but always better to be safe than sorry.

Want to see what this effect looks like? Check it out here:

The Basics on How it Works

The Chauvet Nimbus functionality is simple. Place water inside the unit, drop in about 10 pounds of dry ice once the water is hot enough, and enjoy. With the exception of a drop bucket, there are no moving parts to it, and the physics of forced air push the cloud out to the floor.

Keep in mind that there's quite a bit of power draw. Using a single element (50-minute heat up time), takes up about 12.6 amps of a single circuit. Use the second element (30-minute heat up time), and you'll need a separate circuit to get all 25.6 amps required. Reheat time is about half of that, but most weddings only use this effect on the bride and groom's first dance.

Want to create a wedding first dance on clouds? Learn More About the Chauvet Nimbus Here

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Alax Karas

posted on Jul 11, 2017 8:54:01 PM
Great blog, i love the info you've share about Wedding DJs!

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