Denon DJ DNS5000 Table Top CD Player, New

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denon dj dn-s5000  new
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NEW LOWER PRICE! It's time for the real DJ to get in to something he/she has always dreamed of. It's all right here...

Warranty: One year warranty. New 48 hour express warranty repair service. Free Next Day Air pick-up and return. Products must be in-warranty and purchased from an authorized Denon DJ dealer. Turnaround time is guaranteed between 48 - 72 hours. Service for Denon DJ products is performed in Itasca, IL.

• World's First Motor Driven Active Platter for true vinyl emulation
• Alpha Track (2 in 1) allows independent and simultaneous playback of another track from the same disc, mix tracks with one drive instead of two.
• Hot Disc lets you eject a disc during play and have it continue for another 35 seconds, you can also loop within the Hot Disc memory
• 3-Way Scratch lets you apply scratch effects by selecting Main, Alpha or Sampler Track as the source
• Mirror Mix lets you select the same track in Main and Alpha Track and play it after a specified time delay.
• Clear Scratch Disk allows you create your own custom slip mat designs
• 2 DN-S5000 units can be connected to a DN-X800 via the X-Effect ports and operated by the faders
• 2 DN-S5000 units can view each other's Memo data (when connected via the X-Effect In and Out ports)
• Relay Play, Program Relay Play, Random Relay Play are possible when 2 DN-S5000 units are connected together.
• Independent Digital Outputs (Coaxial, SPDIF) for Main and Alpha Track. Constant Digital Output; output at 44.1 kHz is possible even when Playback Speed is changed. With digital connection all effects can be output.
• Dedicated Alpha Track Fader Start port.
• Manual input of BPM values (*AUTO BPM and Manual TAP are also possible)
• Switchable display of Main and Alpha Track times.
• 100 mm long Slider for Playback Speed Control
• 4 Hot Starts - a total of 4 Hot Start sounds can be played: Start Point A1, A2, A3, and A4
• 4 Seamless Loops can be made
• A-B Splice removes unwanted sections of a track seamlessly (2 points per track)
• A-B Trim/Move - The A & B points for the seamless loop, sampler loop, and splice points can easily be adjusted using the Scratch Disc.
• 6 Stutter Cue Play Points
• 2 Samplers (approx 15 sec. in 20Hz - 20 kHz, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz quality)
• Recessed Connecting Terminals on the back panel to avoid damage
• Memo Function - 5,000 Loops and Cue's can be stored internally. This data can also be copied to another DN-S5000, and Memo from a DN-D9000 or DN-2600F can also be copied to a DN-S5000
• Instant Start (0.2 sec)
• CD-R/RW Disc Playback
• Program/Random Play - program up to 25 tracks on a CD for playback and the programs for up to 6 discs can be stored in memory, Random Play of CDs loaded in both drives is also possible. • Pitch Control; +/- 4%, 10%, 16%, 24%, 100% • Shock Proof Memory - Main 16 seconds, Alpha Track 16 seconds
• X-EFFECT compatible with DENON's DN-X800 mixer
• FADER START compatible with DENON's DN-X800, DN-X400 mixers

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