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Kaltman KCC50-5 Motorized Cable Coiler

kaltman kcc50-5
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The Kaltman Cable Coiler is an ingenious cable tool. Simply use the high torque motor to coil up the cable. Once coiled, just slip the cable off of the patent pending spool for instant storage. In addition, you can use the Kaltman Cable Slap Ties' which literally - in one motion - slaps onto the cable eliminating straps, cord tying, taping, or cable knot tying. It's a fast, efficient and economical way to strike a stage, and at the same time preserve expensive microphone cables - no internal conductor twists! Plus, a perfectly coiled cable means no kinks, twist or loops on

The combination of the Kaltman Cable Coiler' and Cable Slap Ties' creates an innovative cable management system that is not only practical and time saving, it's actually fun to use!What is the Kaltman Cable Coiler?The Kaltman Cable Coiler is the World's First handheld motorized cable coiler which will coil up to 50 feet of microphone cable in less than 5 seconds. What makes the patent pending Kaltman Cable Coiler' particularly unique is that once the cable is coiled onto the coiler spool, the perfectly coiled cable simply slides right off for storage. What kinds of cables will the Kaltman Cable Coiler coil?Kaltman Cable Coiler will work with audio cables, CAT5 cables, fiber optic cables, lightweight speaker cables, coax cable, video cables, lightweight AC cables, cord, rope, etc; anywhere you need a perfect coil for storage.How fast does the Kaltman Cable Coiler coil cables?It depends on many factors which include the weight of the cable and the cable connectors, the quality of the batteries, the surface that the cable is being coiled upon (i.e., wooden stage vs. carpeting), etc. We have measured the coiling of a 50 foot, lighter weight microphone cable at 5 seconds and a 75 foot standard mic cable at 10 seconds (both on wooden stage surfaces). The spool, unloaded (no cable), rotates at approximately 500RPM.Is it hard to learn to coil?Not at all! It takes about 3-5 coilings before becoming a pro.How durable is the Kaltman Cable Coiler?The housing is made of a high impact ABS plastic. The blades of the spool are made of a HDPE material that will not crack, rip, or chip. The blades can literally be bent in half and will still return to their original position. We have performed drop tests from typical use - waist height, with not even a scratch. The "Hair Cell" outside texture of the ABS plastic housing is specifically designed to reject dirt, marring, scratching and stains and the HDPE spool blades are impervious to all dirt.Why is the Kaltman Cable Coiler the color white?White was selected because the coiler is mainly used while striking a system; one of the less organized periods during a production. The white color makes it easy to find and far less likely to be mistakenly left behind on load-out! You might also be surprised to hear that black and gray finishes actually show more of the stage dirt, marring and scratches than a white finish. For cleaning you can wipe down the cable coiler with a water-damp cloth. Never use any abrasive or caustic cleaners on the Kaltman Cable Coiler.What are the limits of, or maximum size cable?There are two limits* to the Kaltman Cable Coiler; weight & size. First some Coiling Science: The maximum weight of a cable and the maximum torque necessary to pull the cable occurs when the cable is laid all the way out (pulling the cable in a straight line). The Cable Coiler may have a hard time coiling a 100+ foot microphone cable that is laid out in a continuous line, but if the cable were folded once (looped back) so that the cable coiler is only seeing approximately 50 to 75 feet of cable at a time, it will work fine. The second limit has to do with the size / diameter of the cable. The spool height can only accommodate a cable bundle up to 3" in diameter. *Please see the additional information and exceptions under - "Are there any appreciable differences when using Rechargeable "D" Cell Batteries?"How many batteries does it take?6 "D" size Alkaline batteries (batteries not included).How long will the batteries last?We have performed both statistical and performance tests using standard 50 foot microphone cables. There are so many factors to consider, i.e., the weight and length of the cables, quality of the batteries, temperature, the surface upon which the coiling takes place, etc. As a rule of thumb, we state that you should be able to get 250 - 300(qty) 50 foot microphone cable windings from a set of new, good quality Alkaline "D" batteries. This means that you should experience even more winding capability when the cables are of shorter or mixed lengths.Why isn't the Cable Coiler equipped for rechargeable batteries?The general consensus is to have the ability to use replaceable batteries at a moments notice. If the cable coiler required a custom rechargeable battery pack, what would happen when the pack goes dead during the middle of a stage strike? With spare sets of common-place, replaceable batteries, a fresh set of batteries would always be at the ready.Are there any appreciable differences when using Rechargeable "D" Cell Batteries?Yes. You might be surprised to learn that when using rechargeable batteries in the Kaltman Cable Coiler you will actually experience more torque as compared to Alkaline batteries. The gearmotor in the Kaltman Cable Coiler is more concerned with current delivery capability (amperage) then voltage and most rechargeable "D" cells can provide more instantaneous current then that of Alkaline batteries. There are multiple values of mAh (milliamp hour) rechargeable "D" cells out in the market place. Typically, they start at around 2500mAh (which are comparable to Alkaline) and go on up to 10,000mAh. The Kaltman Cable Coiler will coil some very heavy cables when using these very high amperage rechargeable batteries. We have tested the Kaltman Cable Coiler with 8,000mAh & 10,000mAh, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Under those controlled tests, the Kaltman Cable Coiler was capable of coiling 50 feet of 14/3 orange AC extension cord, 50 feet of 12/4 speaker cable, and other cables of comparable size and weight. A WORD OF WARNING: The Kaltman Cable Coiler and its internal gearmotor were designed for use with standard Alkaline "D" batteries and for use with lightweight to medium duty cables. Coiling lighter-weight cables, such as 25 foot or 50 foot microphone cables, when using high-amperage rechargeable batteries, can be dangerous due to the increased torque & RPM and the increased risk of burning out the motor! We do not recommend using high amperage rechargeable batteries in the Kaltman Cable Coiler.What about the internal conductor twists?The Kaltman Cable Coiler is very gentle on your cables. The torque-sensing gearmotor is designed to stall if a "hard" coiling snag were to be encountered (it won't rip the connector off). The Kaltman Cable Coiler coils the cable in such a way that the cable seeks its natural internally manufactured conductor twist. A cable coiled on the Kaltman Cable Coiler is so well wound that it can be thrown across the stage so that it unwinds in the air without any kinks, loops or knots, (takes a little practice to master).In your Web Site demo video, the cables are laid out in a straight line and they don't have any loops or kinks in them. Is that real world?Just like in hand coiling, you will still need to disconnect the cable at both ends, remove any knots, and free it from any coiling obstacles. Provided that there are no knots, the worst thing that can happen during coiling occurs when a nest of coils / loops in the cable is being dragged towards you as you coil in the cable. Just like in hand coiling (though a lot faster with the Kaltman Cable Coiler), simply shake the cable with your free hand to loosen the coiled nest and continue coiling. What are some of the user applications?Any production that involves sound, lighting, video, data, RF, etc. This includes: working musicians & DJs, regional and national touring and event companies, rental houses, theaters, churches, clubs, schools, auditoriums, radio & television remote broadcast, film production, recording studios, military, cable assembly, etc., anywhere cables need to be coiled for storage.Do I have to use the Cable Slap Ties when using the Kaltman Cable Coiler?No. Both the Kaltman Cable Coiler and Cable Slap Ties can be used independent of each other. You can us

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