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Korg D4 4-Track Digital Recording Studio

korg d4
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High-performance recording studio in a
friendly, compact package.
Welcome a new member to Korg's lineup of D-series recorders - acclaimed for their superb audio quality and intuitive ease-of-use. About the same size as a VHS video tape, the D4 Digital Recorder contains built-in effects, rhythms, and a tuner, everything needed to plug in a guitar or mic and start recording right away. Five real-time knobs provide immediate control over numerous functions, including a full array of Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling effects. These same knobs perform double duty as Pan knobs and Record Select buttons; an informative backlit LCD screen keeps it all together. Inside, you'll find powerful recording and sophisticated editing functions that rival high level models. There's even a USB connector that makes it easy to transfer song data to a computer. With enormous potential packed into its small size, the D4 is the ideal partner for your creative music life.

• 4-Track digital recorder features 8 virtual tracks per track, for a total of 32 tracks.
• Two tracks of simultaneous recording.
• High audio quality with extended recording times using MPEG1 Layer 2 compressed recording format.
• XLR and 1/4 inch inputs accommodate both a microphone and/or guitar.
• Intuitive user interface provides plenty of knobs for easy operation.
• Instantly recall frequently-used effect settings, including custom-tailored settings, using the Favorites knob.
• Five knobs (with push-button function) allow for easy effect editing and pan control.
• Full suite of non-destructive editing tools includes punch-in/out, bounce, copy/paste, delete - even pro-level functions such as time compression/expansion are provided.
• Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling technology delivers 93 effect types that can be used for guitar, insert, master, or final effect processing. There are 100 preset effect programs ready for immediate use, and 100 user program locations.
• High-capacity CompactFlash data storage.
• Transfer data to a computer quickly and easily via the USB connector.
• Built-in mic allows immediate recording on the go.
• 87 Rhythm / metronome patterns and a chromatic tuner are built-in.
• The custom LCD display is backlit for easy visibility - even in dark locations.
• AC adaptor and 64 MB CompactFlash media are included.

A studio that's just the right size
The D4 is a complete four-track recording studio, providing multi-effects based on Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling technology, and an array of rhythm and metronome patterns to compliment any musical style. Just plug a guitar or microphone into the D-4 and you can begin creating your own song a track at a time. Eight virtual tracks are provided for each track, so you can choose the best take as you build your song. The D4 records directly to CompactFlash using one of three modes -High Quality, Standard or Economy - providing extended recording time with great audio quality. CompactFlash cards of up to 2 GB* may be used and each one can store up to 99 songs, recorded and saved in MP2 (MPEG-1 Layer-2) format. A built-in mic lets you make quick musical memos as inspiration comes to you. There's also a built-in tuner, ensuring that you'll be in tune whenever you record.

*maximum recording time = 72 hours, single track using Economy mode with a 2 GB CompactFlash.

Simple, easy-to-use controls, including new "turn and push" knobs
Despite its compact size, the D4 offers quick and convenient control of its many professional features and rich functionality. A single knob takes you from mode to mode. Five dedicated knobs provide real-time editing of the onboard REMS effects. By pushing down on these same knobs you can select recording status of each track and turn effects on and off. There's also a "favorites knob" that lets you instantly recall eleven of your favorite effects. The Value Dial provides a quick way to change settings and select various options. With trim knobs on both inputs (XLR and 1/4" are provided for Input 2, 1/4" only on Input 1), you'll be able to get the optimum level in any recording situation.

A full suite of editing tools bring a final polish to your song
The D4 provides the functionality and flexibility you've come to expect from Korg digital recorders, including copy, delete, punch-in recording and more. Bounce recording combines multiple tracks into one - with no loss of fidelity - and frees up tracks for additional recording. You can also use professional time compression/expansion editing functions to alter previously-recorded phrases so they match the tempo of your song.

"REMS" modeling effect technology
KORG's proprietary "REMS" (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) modeling technology simulates the audio characteristics of many classic guitar amps, legendary recording microphones and numerous effects with startling realism, adding depth and character to your original recordings. The AMP effect faithfully recreates a range of amps; from classics such as the VOX AC30TB through today's latest guitar amps. The CABINET effect accurately simulates a wide variety of speaker cabinets that match the various AMP types. The 4-BAND EQ allows you to make detailed adjustments to the tonal character and you can also apply chorus, phaser, and flanger type MODULATION effects. For recording bass parts, the BASS DRIVE and BASS CABINET effects provide a broad spectrum of bass sounds that perfectly simulate the character of various bass rigs. When it comes time to add vocals - or another acoustic instrument - the mic simulator recreates the ideal tonality for various recording applications.

What is REMS?
REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) is Korg's proprietary modeling technology that digitally simulates a wide range of factors that affect sound, including the sound-producing mechanism of acoustic and electric/electronic instruments, the body and cabinet resonances that affect the tone, the spatial character of the sound field in which the sound is heard, the electrical and acoustical response of the mics and speakers that are in the sound-transmission path, and the way in which electrical circuits such as vacuum tubes and transistors affect the tone.

Create multi-effect "chains" using up to five simultaneous effects
The D4 digital recorder provides four types of effect chains, in which up to five effects can be connected in a specified order. This makes it easy to create multi-effects that are suitable for the material you're recording. These effect chains are stored as programs, with 100 user and 100 preset locations for easy access. The presets contain programs created by professional musicians and studio engineers and are ready to use. You can edit the effects in a program and store it in the user program area. Four chain types are provided. (GUITAR/MIC) is used when applying effects to a mono input, such as guitar or vocal; (INSERT/GTR+VO) is for use with a stereo input, or when applying separate effects to a vocal track and a guitar track that are being recorded simultaneously; (MASTER) makes the overall sound more consistent; and (FINAL), which applies overall adjustments to the final output stage. A dedicated switch is provided to select each chain type. No complicated operations are required, letting you concentrate on your recording.

High-quality PCM rhythms
Inside the D4 is a PCM sound generator that can produce 87 different rhythm patterns (32 metronome patterns and 55 rhythm patterns). The rich array of patterns include 8 beat, 16 beat, Rock, Funk, Big Beat, House, Reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco, Dance, Jazz, 3/4, 6/8, 5/4, and 7/4, covering a broad range from simple beats to highly distinctive styles. These rhythm patterns may be used as recording guides, or as an easy way to create tracks.

Reliable, convenient CompactFlash storage
CompactFlash capacities of 16 MB - 2 GB are supported for data storage.*1*2 The data is written automatically when you've finished recording or editing. The D4 also provides a USB connector, so it's easy to transfer song data and user effect data to your computer for backup.*3 Completed songs created within the D4 as stereo MPEG format*4 song files, can be played back as stereo MPEG files on your computer.*5 This also makes it easy to distribute or exchange data on the Internet.

*1 One (1) 64 MB CompactFlash card containing demo song data is included.
*2 CF TYPE I cards only. CF TYPE II cards are not supported.
*3 USB connectio

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