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Korg ESX 1 Electribe Music Production Sampler

korg esx-1
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The ELECTRIBESX represents a new generation of Electribes - powerful dance music products that cover everything from laying down stunning tracks to creating exhilarating live performances. Both come housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis. The new backlit LCD provides a wealth of information during programming or performance.

The intuitive step-time/realtime interface has been enhanced with a new Ribbon and Slider control. Effects, Motion Sequencing, and Pattern length have all been expanded. A brand-new filter lets you chose Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass or Band Pass Plus.

Up to 256 patterns can be created and stored to the internal memory. You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs. To get you started, a wide assortment of patterns covering house, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, drum'n'bass, techno, trance and more come preloaded - 128 in the ELECTRIBESX. Using the last step function, you can easily adjust to any odd meter. Favorite patterns can be assigned to Pattern Sets for instant access. Data can be quickly saved and loaded via SmartMedia.

Audio inputs allow you to process external signals through the on-board filter and effects, and an extra pair of assignable outputs has been added as well. The front panel knobs and switches control all the most important sound parameters, allowing you to modify the sound in realtime as you perform, and giving you a hands-on feel like that of an analog synthesizer.

Sophisticated Sampling and
Instant Dance Music Creation
The ELECTRIBESX lets you use a variety of approaches to creating songs, elevating it beyond just a sampler and rhythm module into a comprehensive tool for music production.

Using sample based sound creation, the ELECTRIBESX can generate a total of 16 parts that can be used for building patterns. Nine parts are set up to play as "one-shot" samples, or Drum Parts. Two additional Keyboard Parts allow samples to be played melodically at various pitches right from the step keys or a MIDI input. Sampled loops can be assigned to the Stretch Parts. As Stretch Parts, their tempos can be adjusted without affecting their pitch. This allows two sample Loops recorded at different tempos to be played back at the same in sync. Phrase samples can also be "Sliced," or divided up at the rhythmic peaks of the sample. Once sliced, individual samples can be muted to generate new grooves. Pitch, filter and effect settings can be applied to the individual sliced samples (or Motion Sequenced) to transform the original phrase into something unique. Two Accent parts introduce added dynamics. Reverse and Roll commands can be used to quickly generate complex sounding patterns. Additional Sample edit commands include Normalize, Truncate and Start Point.

A generous 285 seconds of memory (at 44.1kHz) can be used to create up to 384 of your own samples. The ELECTRIBESX includes a wide variety of preloaded samples - 196 in all - so that you can start producing dance music immediately. Samples (.WAV/AIFF format) can be imported and exported via SmartMedia.

Twin vacuum tubes for analog warmth
Valve Force circuitry contains two vacuum tubes that add new power to your sound. The analog tube circuit adds a warmth and presence to your sound that cannot be duplicated digitally. The tube gain knob adjusts the level of the output signal passing through the vacuum tubes, creating dynamic sounds with the distinctive tonal quality that only tubes deliver.

Three Stereo Effect Processors to Radically Change your Sound
The highly acclaimed Electribe effects have been enhanced to provide three multi-effect units available for simultaneous use. Each part can be independently routed to any of the three effects processors, and you can even use the Chain function to link multiple effects in series, opening up further sonic possibilities. Each processor offers 16 effect types ranging from traditional reverb, delay, flanger and chorus, as well as more modern offerings including tempo-based delay, talking modulator, grain shifter, decimator and more. The edits you make to each of the effects processors are saved with each pattern.

Powerful Arpeggiator with Ribbon Controller and Slider
A new ribbon controller and slider have been added, providing a remarkable realtime interface for accessing the powerful arpeggiator. Together, they allow you to enter pattern data or perform over a pattern quickly and with amazingly musical results. When playing a synth part, select a scale type or hold down a few notes - the ribbon controller will affect note duration, and the slider can be played in realtime to generate new phrases. For a drum part, touching the ribbon will trigger notes, and sliding your finger up and down will change the note resolution.

Motion Sequencing Brings your Songs to Life
Motion Sequencing records your realtime knob tweaks and plays them back as part of the pattern. Two types of motion sequence are provided; one for effects and one for parts, and you can also edit the value of individual steps. Up to 24 motion sequences can be used in a single pattern, allowing you to control virtually every sound parameter. The Step Edit function allows you to adjust the value of individual steps.

Easy to Use Realtime and Step Style Sequencing
The 14 part keys and 16 step keys on the front panel of the ELECTRIBESX allow for easy, intuitive song production. Realtime recording lets you record phrases as you perform, and step recording allows you to input the timing, pitch and duration one note at a time.

A Variety of Tempo Sources
Using Auto BPM detection, the ELECTRIBESX can follow the tempo of an external audio source. You can also use Tap Tempo to input the beat, set the tempo internally, or sync up to an external MIDI clock.

* Number of Parts:
16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part
* Number of Samples:
384 (100 mono, 128 stereo), Maximum 237 (mono) seconds
* Memory: 256 patterns, 64 songs
* Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
* Effects: 16 types x 3 (Chain)
* Pattern: Maximum 128 steps by part, Maximum 24 motion sequence by pattern
* Song: Maximum 256 patterns, Maximum 20,000 event recording
* Arpeggiator:
Ribbon + Slider, Scale
* Output:
L/Mono, R (phone jack: mono x 2), Individual 3, 4 (phone jack: mono x 2), Headphone (phone jack: stereo)
* Input: Audio In (phone jack: stereo)
* MIDI: In, Out, Thru
* External Memory: SmartMedia' (4-128 MB, 3V)
* Vacuum tube: 12AX7 x 2
* Power Consumption: 24W
* Power Supply: AC IN (AC9V)
* Dimensions:
14.09"(W) x 10.08"(D) x 2.44"(H)
358(W) x 256(D) x 62(H) mm
(including protrusions)
* Weight: 6.83 lbs. / 3.1 kg
* Accessories: AC adaptor

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