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Korg EXB PCM06 07 32MB PCM Expansion Board

korg exb-pcm06-07
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The EXB-PCM 06/07 is the latest in a series of PCM Expansion cards for the KORG Triton, Triton Rack, and Karma Synthesizers. Unlike previous PCM expansion cards, the Orchestral Collection is actually a two-card set; adding a staggering 32Mbytes of sample data. These sounds have been carefully selected from the internationally acclaimed "Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra" collection by Best Service corporation of Germany.

In addition to the 193 PCM multisamples stored on the expansion boards; this collection also includes a floppy disc containing 256 programs and 256 combination programs that utilize these samples to their fullest. The floppy disc also provides data for 8 new drum kits and 32 arpeggio patterns.

Not merely a collection of instruments, EXB PCM 06/07 has been assembled and created to capture all the elements of an orchestral performance. Solo instruments have been sampled in stereo to preserve ambience; and have been sampled with a natural, player's vibrato, preserving the character of the original performance. String ensemble and sections, as well as individual string instruments, are presented in stunning clarity. Orchestral percussion and a selection of harp programs complete this collection.

A true 38-piece string section was used in creating the ensemble material. Violins (14), violas (10), cellos (8) and contrabasses (6), perform in traditional ensemble, pizzicato, and tremolo playing styles, all captured in true position stereo. Quartet string ensembles are also featured, as well as the individual solo instruments. In addition to the instrument samples, this collection also includes a variety of "phrase samples". These phrase samples provide a new level of realism, offering performance elements that would be impossible to re-create otherwise. From simple run-ups and flourishes to hits, chords, arpeggios and ensemble phrasing (in major and minor keys!), everything needed to re-create every aspect of a symphonic performance is provided.

Brass & Woodwinds
As with the strings, solo instruments here (including oboe and English horn) are faithfully preserved both with and without a natural performance vibrato. A wide range of solo orchestral instruments is provided here, including Contra-bassoon, bassoon, bass clarinet, clarinet, alto flute, and flute. Brass instruments are delivered up with rich, brilliant character. Tuba, trombone, French horn, trumpet and even a piccolo trumpet (can you say Penny Lane?) round out the brass offerings. Ensemble sections (stereo) capture trumpets (3), French horns (4), trombones (3), flutes (3) and clarinets (3) playing in a variety of fashions.

In keeping with the orchestral theme, the percussion offerings highlight a wide array of mallet and tuned (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, and tubular bells) instruments. Bass drums, snares, tympani, triangle, gong and other orchestral percussion instruments are also well represented. To add that final essence of orchestra to your performance, a vast palette of harp and harp phrases (including various types of glissandos, arpeggios and plucked chords) are available in this collection as well.

Note: The EXB-PCM boards work in both the TRITON series and Karma Music Workstations. For the TRITON series the included .PCG file provides new Programs, Combinations, Arpeggios and/or arpeggio assignments and in some titles new drumkits. For the Karma Music Workstation it will provide the same Programs, Combinations and drumkits. However it does not include new GE's or GE assignments. Of course for either product, both boards do provide a total of 32 Mbytes of new PCM data!!!

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