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Korg TRITON Rack Mountable Workstation

korg triton-rack
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The long-awaited rack-mount version of the Triton Music Workstation/Sampler, with all of its sound power, sampling functionality, intuitive operation, and expandability. The powerful sound and sampling functionality of the Triton, packed into a 2-space rack module.

Hear TRITON Demos using an MP3 player:
Deep Cut (mp3, 2.83MB)
Zee Bop (mp3, 1.76MB)
Film Hero(mp3, 1.88MB)
Country Mild (mp3, 2.28MB)
Everything you hear was done exclusively on a Korg TRITON. Due to the content of each demo, a large file is required and a high-speed Internet connection is recommended.

The Triton Rack provides all of the sound and sampling functionality of the most highly respected synthesizer/workstation in today's music scene the Triton. In addition, this 2-space, rack-mountable unit dramatically expands the possible number of sounds, provides digital output, allows a total of 8 EXB-PCM boards to be installed, and features numerous other functions that make it the ideal choice for the musician looking for a no-compromise sound source.

The Triton-Rack can deliver even more of the HI synthesis system sounds that were so highly acclaimed on the Triton. Fully expanded, you can have immediate access to a maximum of 2,057 programs (including 256 GM programs + 9 GM drum programs for GM Level 2 compatibility) and 1,664 combinations, each allowing up to 8 timbres to be used together. While the Triton could accommodate a maximum of 2 expansion boards, the Triton-Rack allows up to 8 boards to be installed, delivering an amazing 160 Mbytes of PCM wave memory. And the Triton-Rack features the same powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiator function as the Triton keyboard, but with an expanded memory of 328 patterns.

Check out sounds with the Audition Riff function
In the Program mode of the Triton-Rack, you can use the Audition Riff function to efficiently search the mammoth array of sounds or to check a sound that you are editing. 382 riffs appropriate for various types of sound are provided.

The 48 kHz 16-bit linear mono/stereo sampler section further expands your sound-creating possibilities. In addition to the 16 Mbytes included standard, 2 more 72-pin SIMM boards can be added, bringing the total memory capacity to 96 Mbyte (using three 32 Mbyte SIMMs). The Triton Rack already incorporates all the sophisticated functions introduced in Triton Version 2.0, with waveform editing commands such as Time Slice, Time Stretch, Crossfade Loop, and visual waveform editing that make it easy to produce breakbeats.

Time-sliced pattern data can be saved as MIDI data (SMF file) and loaded into an external sequencer. New features include the ability to export samples as .WAV and AIFF files for further editing on computer systems or use in other products (like the ElectribeS).

In Multi mode, the Triton-Rack will function as a 16-part multi-timbral tone generator that can play back multiple tracks from an external MIDI sequencer. In addition to Program and transposition settings, you can assign and edit the powerful 5 Insert and 2 Master effects and store the full setup as a "multi" in one of 200 hundred memory locations. A multi also includes pattern, RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording), and arpeggiator settings, and the specified phrases can be played back in synchronization with an external MIDI sequencer. The Triton-Rack provides 150 preset patterns ideal for drum tracks, and 100 user patterns that allow recording, editing, or recording with the arpeggiator.

When executing the Time Slice operation, you can even automatically create patterns corresponding to the sliced samples and assign the patterns to RPPR. By time-slicing multiple rhythm loop samples that differ in tempo and simultaneously assigning them to RPPR, you can easily match these rhythm loop samples to the same tempo without changing their pitch. You can also use an external MIDI keyboard to play these patterns and control their tempo in realtime.

The Triton-Rack provides a standard S/PDIF connector for high-quality stereo audio output (24 bit internal processing). Plus it also allows an optional EXB-DI to be installed to add a 6-channel ADAT output connector with a 48 kHz Word Clock IN, making this the ideal choice for the digital recording environment.

In addition to the freedom to install up to 8 EXB-PCM boards, three 32MB SIMM modules, the EXB-DI ADAT output connector and m-LAN board, the Triton-Rack can also accommodate the EXB-MOSS DSP synthesizer board. Add an entirely new 6-voice tone generator, which provides 13 forms of synthesis, such as analog or physical modeling, to create a truly all-in-one tone generator module. Add the EXB-SCSI SCSI interface board so you can load and save your Triton-Rack data on an external SCSI device, and load AKAI sample data from CD-ROM. Installation of all options is easy simply open the top cover.

• The powerful sound and sampling functionality of the Triton, packed into a 2-space rack module.

• The number of possible programs and combinations has been dramatically expanded to 2,057 programs and 1,664 combinations.

• In addition to S/PDIF digital output, you can add 8 channels of ADAT-compatible output with the optional EXB-DI Digital Interface Board.

• The Triton-Rack is the first Korg product to offer optional support for mLAN the new digital network designed for musical applications.

• Expandability has been boosted even further than on the Triton. A total of up to 8 PCM expansion boards can be installed, each with its own dedicated Bank for programs and combinations. You can also add up to 3 SIMM modules to expand the sampling memory to a total of 96 Mbytes.

• The Audition Riff function provides 382 riffs appropriate for different types of sound, to easily try out sounds when a keyboard is not available.

• Song data created on the Triton can be played back via a 3.5 in. floppy disk or SCSI device by the Triton-Rack.

• Sound Generation Method: HI (Hyper Integrated) Synthesis System
• Tone generator: HI synthesis system; 48 kHz sampling frequency, 32 Mbyte PCM ROM: 425 multisamples + 413 drum samples. Sampling; 16-bit, 48 kHz stereo/mono sampling, 16 Mbytes memory standard, expandable to 96 Mbytes. Maximum of 1,000 multisamples/4,000 samples. Up to 128 indices can be assigned to a multisample. AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S1000/S3000), and Korg format sample data can be loaded and also sample data can be exported as AIFF and WAVE formats.
• Sound Source:
60 voices, 60 oscillators (single mode)
30 voices, 60 oscillators (double mode)
• Effects:
Stereo digital multi-effect system:
2 master effects (mono in, stereo out),
5 insert effects (stereo in/out),
1 master EQ (3-band stereo) simultaneously.
• Number of effects: 102 (insert and master effects)
• Programs/Combinations: Maximum 1,792 user programs: Bank INT-A D=512(preload), Bank INT-E= 128, Bank INT-F=128*(MOSS), Bank EXB-A-H1,024*(EXB).
• Maximum 1,664 user combination programs: Bank INT-A D=512 (preload), Bank INT-E= 128 Bank EXB-A-H=1,024*(EXB), GM Level 2 - 256 programs [Bank G g(1)-g(9) + 9 drum programs (BankG g(d).
382 Audition riffs.
• Drumkits: 144 user drum kits(16 preload drumkits), GM Level2 - 9 ROM drum kits
• Multi: 16 multi-timbres, 200 multis, 16 preset/16user template multis, Built-in pattern sequencer

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