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Mackie UAD-1 Powered DSP Card With Included Plugins

mackie uad-1
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UAD-1-Your Key to a New World of Processing and Effects. The UAD-1 is a must have for those looking to take their Mac or PC-based digital audio workstation to the next level of performance and sound quality. Thanks to a high-headroom, custom-built processor specifically designed for DSP, it enables near-virtual digital replicas of Universal Audio's vintage analog classics such as the Teletronix', LA-2A', and the infamous 1176LN'. And because it works seamlessly within a number of VST and MAS compatible host applications, you don't need to learn an entire new program to benefit from its power and flexibility.

What's Included?
Every UAD-1 package arrives complete with the UAD-1 DSP card and a comprehensive package of ultra high quality plug-ins, including RealVerb Pro, the 1176LN and Teletronix LA-2A Vintage Compressors, the Nigel Guitar Processor, and the CS-1 Channel Strip, all of which were developed by Universal Audio. The CS-1 is comprised of plug-ins developed specifically for the UAD-1, including EQ, compression, delay modulation, and reflection engine modules. Nigel is also a suite of plug-ins, including the Pre-flex amp and speaker cabinet modeler, Echo, Delay Modulation, Tremelo, Modulation Filter, Compressor/Gate and Phasor. As with the CS-1, these components can be used together or separately.

• Bus mastering DMA for zero host load and maximum transfer rate
• Fully PCI 2.1 compliant, supports 66MHz and fast bus timing
• 7" form factor (PCI short card)
• Compatible with the Magma PCI Expansion Chassis
• Single unpartitioned super-computer DSP Chip
• More DSP headroom per plug-in than other multi-chip DSP cards
• Supported sampling Rates from 32 kHz - 192 kHz

Included UAD-1 Plug-Ins:
The 1176SE is derived from the 1176LN. Its algorithm has been revised in order to provide sonic characteristics similar to the 1176LN but with significantly less DSP usage. It is provided to allow "1176LN-like sound" when DSP resources are limited.

The 1176SE behavior is practically identical to the 1176LN. Its sound is nearly identical too, but certain compromises had to be made in order to squeeze the extra DSP performance that the 1176SE provides. At nominal settings the sonic difference is negligible. At extreme (cranked) settings, nobody with "golden ears" will say it sounds exactly like the 1176LN, but it stills sounds great and is very usable in most situations.

Kind of Loud Technologies'RealVerb Pro'
What if you could put your sound right in the perfectly designed room? Based on our own unique set of algorithms, the world-class RealVerb Pro' plug-in lets you design the room just as you hear it. Get beyond the barriers of simply big and small, dark or bright. RealVerb Pro' gives you our trademark, distortion-free, smoothing diffusion control and ultra-long reverb tail. Driven by the processing power of the UAD-1, RealVerb Pro' can run eight instances simultaneously, with ease. RealVerb Pro is the most flexible and natural sounding reverb plug-in in the industry.

Main Features include:
• Custom Room Shape Settings
• Adjustable Settings for Wall Material
• Select from a Graphic Menu of Room Shapes
• Adjust Room Size from 1-99 Meters
• Blend Between Room Shapes and Sizes in Real time
• Adjust Relative Thickness of Materials
• Control Intensity & Timing of Early Reflections and Late-Field Reverberation
• Morphing Capabilities Between Different Presets
• Comprehensive Interface for In-depth Parameters Editing

The 1176LN' Limiting Amplifier:
The reputation of this analog classic is well known throughout the audio industry. Originally designed and built during the 1960's, the 1176LN was the first to use a field effect transistor (FET) as a voltagecontrolled variable resistor, and that innovation was the key to the product's unique character. An in-depth analysis of the 1176LN's "personality" allowed
Universal Audio to methodically reproduce those results within a plug-in architecture, and now offer that same character to computer-based audio workstations.

Main Features include:
• Ultra-fast attack time
• Unique, analog-friendly, "warm" characteristics
• FET Gain Reduction Emulation
• Supports the popular "All Buttons Mode", just like the original
• Input & Output Gain Adjustment Knobs w/adjustable Attack and Release Settings
• Adjustable Program-Dependent Compression Behavior
• Custom Output Transformer Emulation design
• Mono or Stereo Operation
• Full automation capabilities
• Flexible VU metering modes
• Detailed, precise screen shot provides a realistic analog look and feel

The Teletronix' LA-2A' Leveling Amplifier
The Teletronix LA-2A leveling amplifier is practically the definition of vintage audio gear. The original opto-electrical attenuator circuit is responsible for the incredibly rich and magic sound embracing the tracks of so many classic recordings in circulation today. In an effort to bring this product and its character into the world of DAWs, Universal Audio studied not just the sound, but how each and every component interacted and behaved under a full range of studio conditions. The word, "emulation", hardly does this plug-in justice. It is in fact a digital copy of the LA-2A, and upholds all the classic, analog characteristics of the original with unprecedented clarity and sound quality.

Main Features include:
• Identical look, controls, and operation of its analog cousin
• Lag-free, Distortion-Free Optical Attenuator Emulation
• Frequency-Dependent Compression Behavior
• Input Gain and Peak Reduction Adjustment Knobs
• Limit/Compress Function Switch
• +4, -10, or Gain Reduction Metering
• Full automation capabilities
• Mono or Stereo Operation

CS-1' Channel Strip
The CS-1' Channel Strip provides all the tools you need for recording and mixing in one simple plug-in (using only one insert!) With a unique smoothing algorithm for all controls and DSP conserving bypass switches built-in, The CS-1' packs a whopping punch into a small package. Included in the CS-1' are the EX-1 EQ/Compressor, the DM-1 Delay Modulator, and the unique RS-1 Reflection Engine. Of course, if you don't need all that power, you can use each module within the CS-1 separately. Use as much or as little as desired for your particular needs.

The EX-1 includes:
• Five Full Parametric Bands w/Bypass Switch
• Hi & Lo Shelving
• Peak/Notch or High/Low Pass Settings
• Ultra-Smooth Compression (based on the UA Classics)

The DM-1 includes:
• Chorus, Flange, Dual Delay, and Ping Pong Effects
• Multi-Phase Sine & Triangle Modulators
• Global Rate & Depth Settings
• Re-circulation and Delay-Line Damping

The RS-1 includes:
• Multiple Room Shapes
• Adjustable Room Size from One to 99 meters
• Forward and Reverse Gates
• Echo, Ping-pong, and Multi-Tap Delay Effect

Nigel offers the latest generation of guitar processing technology integrated into a complete multi-effects plug-in solution. Utilizing Universal Audio's exclusive component modeling technology and intuitive design, Nigel delivers a complete pallet of guitar tones along with most every effect a guitar player might need, all with minimal latency and no load on your host computer's CPU. In addition, Nigel's Preflex' advanced guitar amp modeling technology goes well beyond the usual pre-amp/amp/cabinet emulators. In addition to delivering a wide range of highly playable classic amp tones from the "Clean & Warm" California tube sound to more metal soaked "British" tones, a bevy of original timbres simply not possible on any other guitar system can be realized. Preflex also offers variable morphing betwe

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