Martin MSDF V 4.03 ShowDesigner Software

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martin msd version 4.03
Martin SHOWDESIGNER (MSD) is a unique software tool which allows LD's to develop lighting designs in vivid 3-D computer graphics for advanced lighting simulation.


• The MSD 4.0 package contains: Software on CD-ROM Installation instructions Quickstart/user manual Hardware Dongle key
• Minimum system requirements: Windows 95/98 operating system Pentium processor Memory: 16 Mb Ram 40 Mb harddisk space Parallel port (for the hardware dongle) SVGA card High color min. 800 x 600, 16 bits (recommended: Hardware accelerated, Direct-X support, 16MB) Monitor + Mouse
• Optional DMX interface hardware: Martin DMX board: 512 ch in/out (requires a free ISA slot)
Martin DMX board: 1024 ch in/out (requires a free ISA slot)
• MSD structure: Complete, stand alone, 3D lighting design/control system (no other CAD software required) Consists of a Modeller, ShowDesigner and Offline section
• Modeller: building your own libraries of objects/set pieces
• ShowDesigner: building a set, placing the fixtures, controlling fixtures, programming cues, preview, show and create realistic renderings of your scene
• Offline: solid beam visualization (pan/tilt of beams, indexed and rotating gobos, iris, color wheels, CMY color mixing, fader, zoom) of fixtures, using DMX from a controller
• Incorporated: user customizable fixture libraries
(Martin and various other fixture definitions included)
• Programming capacity: Unlimited number of fixtures
Practically unlimited number of cues (limited only by available memory of your hardware)
• Programming facilities: Fixtures are automatically patched at a free DMX address
• Fixture control:- pan/tilt by dragging the beam/focus point - visual CMY color mixing (directly, or by selecting a color from filter library)- visual selection for gobos and gels- all other effects can be set by using a simple fader
• Program light cues/cue storage - cues contain basic timing and link information- MSD connects to any controller that has DMX-in (here you need a DMX interface board)
• Playback facilities: Offline program for real time monitoring of 3D light setup, using solid beam representation Preview show using simple playback
• Import/export formats: MSD import: DXF/BMP/X-files MSD export: BMP/JPEG files
• Measurements: MSD software - Shipping size: 275 x 75 x 325 mm - Shipping weight: 1.4 kg
MSD optional hardware - Shipping size: 240 x 160 x 50 mm - Shipping weight: 0.35 kg

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