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MusicXPC PROFESSIONAL-M2 Intel P4 Computer

musicxpc professional-m2
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The M2 is the fastest mobile workstation for media production on the market. As the performance and flexibility of laptops continue to gain on desktops more and more of our customers have asked that we release a powerful laptop that can run hundreds of audio tracks and dozens of virtual instruments all at the same time.

The M2 sets new standards for production laptops with not one but two 7200rpm HDs; 1GB of DDR400 RAM means that your demanding applications will become, well, less demanding; a peace-of-mind recovery utility that reverts the computer to yesterday's state, last week's or factory merely with a few keystrokes; a 17" WSXGA+ wide angle screen that allows you to see what you're doing even when you are not parked directly infront of the computer and the DVI out lets you hook up second monitor; a numeric keypad so you don't have to shift click to control the sequencer; a full Intel Pentium 4 desktop processor that puts performance ahead of battery life; Gigabit LAN to improve workflow and play projects stored on other computers via ehternet; built in DVD+RW burner for archiving and more and more and more. Let's just say the only thing this hot rod is missing is the fuzzy dice.

The M2 is all about performance and stability. If you are looking for something with long battery life to watch DVDs on a transatlantic flight, or a laptop for email and presentations, well, this is not your baby. For us musicians, composers, producers and media creators, speed and stability are top of the list of what we need from our computers. We want to load that next plug-in, that next virtual instrument now, while our creative juices are pumping, while the music and ideas are pouring out of our head. We want to capture it now and we can't have computer hardware stand in the way of that. What does it really cost to have an idea stiffed by a weak, misbehaving computer? Apart from the pure time wasting, many times the ideas can't be fully salvaged.

The M2 features a Pentium 4 HT Processor on an 800MHz bus that is fed by two 7,200 rpm hard drives. This combination delivers dozens of linear audio tracks, manhandles virtual instruments and treats CPU intensive Effects plug-ins with indifference. If you want amazing speed with professional stability the M2 is your dream come true.

Two hard drives are better than one: System, Audio Drive
The M2 comes standard with two 7,200 rpm hard drives. The second drive is perfect for dedication to audio recordings while there is still enough room on the System drive for a few choice Libraries. Combined with the 60GB system drive, the M2 comes with 160GB of hard drive storage standard, more than any other media production laptop we have ever seen. If you think that's too much, you haven't been using the stuff long enough - just be patient, we know you're going to thank us.

Tweaked for Music
The real secret (and we mean secret so please don't ask) of the M2 is the tweaking that has been done to Windows XP to optimize the machine for audio and video production. This is not a machine for organizing photos, compiling MP3 or surfing the internet, although the M2 can do all these things, this is a power house laptop designed for the heavy lifting of professional audio and video production. The M2 is the result of 12 months of testing and decades spent building media computers. It's ready to go out of the box, just load your media application and start creating your magic.

Service and Support
The M2 is not sold direct by us. We believe that the best place to buy this machine is at a Music Retailer where all the choices for sound cards and software are available to you. Our retailers offer excellent service and financing options and are an essential component of service to our customers. They also offer you a chance to actually see the machine in action instead of just reading about it on a web page. We believe in the human interface that our dealers provide. We back this with first class support for any problems you may have getting your MusicXPC going. Our service people are extremely knowledgeable and have many years of experience in music technology.

High Technology and Super Robust
The M2 is really a breakthrough in terms of performance, features and stability. For example, with its GigaBit ethernet, the M2 can process and manage a project sitting on the hard drive of anther M2. Also with its Recovery Utility, you can recover the system even after it was accidentally formatted - yes, that's not a typo. Because the backup utility works outside of Windows you enjoy a degree of protection that really makes this the most robust of computers. The M2 comes with a 3 year ship-back-to-the-depot warranty that offers you layers of protection should the untinkable happen and the machine just blow up. We've got your back, so you worry about creative output.

With all these bases covered, you can buy an M2 knowing that it will blow you away. You may never look at a laptop the same way again. The M2 is simply the best there is, now all other laptops have someone to look up to.

• Intel Pentium 4 HT processor 3.2 GHz 512K cache
• Intel 865PE + ICH5 Chipset
• 800MHz Front Side Bus
• 1GB DDR400 RAM (Expandable to 2GB)
• 1 PCMCIA 3.3V/5V Socket supporting CardBus
• 17.0" WXGA TFT LCD display
• ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
• 128-bit 2D/3D Graphics accelerator
• 256MB DDR SGRAM On Board
• Dual-view display monitor
• External Display Resolution up to 1600 x 1200
HDTV Support
• DVD+/-RW/CD-RW 48x40x16x8
• ATA100 7200rpm 60GB System Drive
• ATA100 7200rpm 60GB System Drive
• Supports master Mode IDE, PIO Mode 5, ATA-33/66/100/133 (Ultra DMA)
• 7-In-1 Card Reader
• AC'97 support for 5.1 channel surround
• 3D Stereo Enhanced Sound System
• Virtual 6-channel Audio Output
• 1 SPDIF output
• 1 Microphone input
• 4 Speakers built-in
• 1 Line output/Headphone output
• Full size WinKey Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
• Built-in TouchPad
• 3 Hot Keys (Default Internet browser / Email program / application)
• 3 USB 2.0 ports
• 1 mini IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports
• 1 S-Video Jack for TV Output
• 1 Serial port
• 1 Parallel Port (LPT1) Supporting ECP/EPP
• 1 Infrared Tranceiver (IrDA 1.1/FIR/SIR/ASKIR)
• 1 DVI-Out port
• 1 PS/2 port (mouse/keyboard)
• 1 Integrated V.90/I56K MCD Modem(V.92 Compliant)
• 1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1,000 Mbps LAN port
• 802.11g Wireless LAN
• 300K Pixel Video Camera Module
• Bluetooth Module
• Full range AC Adapter: AC-In 100240V, 5060Hz
• DC Output 20V, 7.5A
• Easy Changeable Main Battery Smart Li-Ion
• Supports ACPIv1.0b
• Supports Hibernate/Standby Modes
• Supports battery Low Sleep
• Supports Resume From Modem Ring
• Length 393mm, Depth 267mm, Height 38mm
• Operating Temperature 5C 35C
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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