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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

native instruments kontrols2mk2
native instruments kontrols2mk2 Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2
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Compact, mobile, and intuitive - the remodeled TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is the essential 2-deck professional DJ controller for TRAKTOR. Fine-tuned for maximum TRAKTOR software integration, the S2 also pairs with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone as the cornerstone of your mobile DJ setup.

The 2+1 design brings two decks, Remix Decks, and a pro-grade mixer with multi-effect units at your command. The S2 also includes the full version of TRAKTOR PRO 2 with Remix Decks -ready for pro mixing in seconds.

TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the platform trusted by top DJs. Mix up your tracks with Remix Decks, powerful looping and cueing functionality, and a suite of more than 30 effects. Create mixtapes with a single click using the built-in Mix Recorder.

TRAKTOR PRO 2's Remix Decks allow for spectacular live remixing and re-arranging of tracks with up to 64 loops or one-shot samples per deck. Just fire up the Remix Decks and blur the boundaries between DJing and live performance.

Rugged and portable, TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is ideal for new or seasoned DJs. Easily access all essential TRAKTOR features in a compact, focused format.

Engineered to the same standards as the ground-breaking TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, the S2's sturdy knobs and RGB backlit buttons keep you in control even in the darkest clubs. Two high-res jog wheels with aircraft-grade aluminum plates deliver pressure-sensitive track control, easy pitch bending, and tempo nudging.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, the S4's little brother, is a sound choice for numerous top-flight artists. The S2 delivers the same pro credentials as the S4 in a compact format to a new generation of DJs.

Go Anywhere
Complemented by a lightweight and compact design, the S2's durable construction makes it the perfect companion for the traveling DJ, fitting easily into cabin luggage. Combine S2 with TRAKTOR DJ for your iPhone or iPad for an unmatched, ultra-portable DJ setup. Once you arrive at the gig, set up in seconds.

Pro Quality Mixer
Feel right in your element. Thanks to its ergonomic mixer section, DJing with the S2 feels instantly familiar. Headphone pre-listen cue buttons and 3-band EQ offer full sonic control. Rugged, long-lasting faders are designed for extended use and excel in sharp, cutting performance.

An additional Remix knob alongside the 2 deck channels allows smooth mixing of the Remix Decks as a third channel - a big feature in a compact unit.

Punchy Pro Sound
Under the hood, the S2 is a powerful audio interface, built to handle pro sound systems.

With two separate audio channels that allow you to pre-listen to the next track, the S2's club-ready output levels pack enough punch to rock even the most demanding crowds.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 comes with flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2 with Remix Deck technology. Industry-standard DJ software with a jaw-dropping creative arsenal and absolute flexibility - trusted by pros everywhere.

TRAKTOR PRO 2's interface offers full access to the engine behind your setup.

Find the right track instantly with the Browser window. TRAKTOR syncs perfectly with your iTunes library. Or flick through your collection using Crate Flick - just like digging through a crate of vinyl.

Tight Mixes
TRAKTOR's advanced beat detection makes tight mixing a given. On import, TRAKTOR auto-detects track tempo and creates a beat grid automatically. All track decks, Remix Decks, and even the effects are locked to the current track's tempo, making beatmatching simple.

Cue points and loops can be set on the fly and 'snap' to the nearest beat, while the 'Quantize' mode means they'll wait for the right moment to launch - keeping your set tight.

Sounds & Effects
A tight selection of loops and sounds are included to get you started. Created by Loopmasters, 40 loops and 10 full tracks cover drums, bass, percussion and synth loops in dubstep, minimal, house, techno and trance styles.

Two independent FX units with over 30 effects are at hand to color your sound. From standards like delay, reverb, and flanger, to unique performance effects like TRAKTOR's Beatmasher


• Integration of next generation TRAKTOR KONTROL X1
• Metadata Sync with TRAKTOR DJ and Key Detection are now also available in TRAKTOR LE 2
• Various performance and stability improvements

• Improved timecode reliability when using hot cues
• Improved resistance against record damage plus improved tracking alert warnings with MK2 vinyl
• High input warning (MK1 & MK2) and scroll zone responsiveness (MK2) has been enhanced for CD timecode
• Integration of the 2-channel mixing controller TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
• Addition of Flux Mode button to the Deck Transport section
• Controller Manager expanded with various additional Remix Deck controls, now allows direct mapping of Remix Deck cells

• This first phase of Connect and Sync allows you to seamlessly syncs track meta data from TRAKTOR PRO to TRAKTOR DJ and back including all BPM, beat grid and cue point information. TRAKTOR 2.6.1 lets you rock the club with TRAKTOR PRO using the tracks you prepared on your iPad.
• TRAKTOR DJ's advanced Key Detection shows you songs that match the key of your current track for effortless, super-smooth mixes.
• New Downbeat Detection lets you mix in perfect sync every time.

• Activate the new Flux Mode and it tracks the time while you juggle cue points, loop and re-edit the track live, then lets you drop back in at exactly the right moment. A powerful creative weapon and an innovative tool for maximum creativity and point-perfect timing.
• When released, the track drops exactly where it would have been if it had run "uninterrupted". A convenient visual indicator in the waveform keeps track for you.
• Macro FX combine multiple TRAKTOR effects on a single control. Now it's easier than ever to build up, breakdown and destroy tracks with a single, intuitive action - without being an FX guru.

• Remix Decks let you select from up to 64 loops and one-shot samples per deck. Any of the four decks in TRAKTOR PRO 2 can be switched to be a Remix Deck
• Each Remix Deck offers four different Slots (columns), ideal for arranging sounds and loops by instrument groups e.g. different drum, bass, percussion loops. Play one sound per column - a total of four samples at any one time.
• Use loops from the included sound content or import any loops and sounds of your own
• Develop your own unique trademark sound and build a personal arsenal of sounds by live-capturing your favorite loops while DJing

• To add more flavor, you can choose which slots are fed through TRAKTOR's FX units, or even play samples in reverse
• The Punch mode allows for instant switching between different loops in one instrument group, in perfect phase - switch from one drum loop to the next exactly on the 2 and 4 snares
• Additionally, the Remix Deck quantize can be set to different values for full control of the musical phrasing

• TRAKTOR PRO 2 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 users can access a wealth of top quality loops and one-shots for use with the Remix Decks.
• Renowned artists have provided inspiring material in a number of genres, including Remix Sets prepared by Pan-Pot, Stewart Walker, and Marc Houle, amon

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