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Novation AUDIOHUB-2X4 Audio Interface / Music Production Hub

novation audiohub2x4
novation audiohub2x4 Novation AUDIOHUB-2X4 Audio Interface / Music Production Hub Novation AUDIOHUB-2X4 Audio Interface / Music Production Hub Novation AUDIOHUB-2X4 Audio Interface / Music Production Hub
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Audiohub 2x4 is a combined audio interface and USB hub for electronic music production with Focusrite sound quality. It lets you connect and power all your USB gear at once, while getting ultra-low latency audio and super loud output.

Sick of having USB hubs, interfaces, cables and power supplies cluttering up your studio desk space? Us too. That's why we designed a single unit that does it all. Just connect all your USB and audio gear to Audiohub 2x4:

• Three USB 2.0 ports for bus-powering your whole setup
• Matched stereo inputs for sampling pristine audio
• Four line RCAs or two balanced jack outputs with super high quality sound

This isn't just a USB hub; it's a powerful audio interface too. We partnered with Focusrite, who make the best sounding audio interfaces in the world, to make sure Audiohub 2x4 gives you extraordinary quality 96 kHz, 24-bit audio performance. This allows you to sample and capture pristine quality audio and listen back with zero latency at the click of a button.

Connect your main speakers and cue sub to high quality balanced and unbalanced outputs, with totally independent level control. The headphone output is also ludicrously loud, which is essential. We put all the volume and status controls on the top, to make them easy to access in the darkest environments, then housed the whole thing in a rock solid metal case.

Leave the complexity at home. Connect all your DJ equipment to a single rock solid unit, with blisteringly loud speaker and headphone outputs, and independent level controls helpfully placed on the top. It's so much simpler.

Connecting to iPad is a nuisance. Luckily, you can plug all your USB and audio gear into Audiohub 2x4, then connect that to your iPad using a single camera connection kit. Simply play your music in and output it live, all while powering your gear without draining your iPad battery as quickly.

Audiohub 2X4 Rear Panel
• 2 TRS Balanced jack outputs
• 4 Unbalanced RCA outputs
• USB type B socket for connection to computer
• Power jack for included power supply
• Kensington security slot

Audiohub 2X4 Front Panel
• 2 RCA Line Inputs with selectable gain switch
• Input Monitor switch
• Headphone socket with output select switch
• 3 USB type A sockets for connecting USB devices to the hub

Audiohub 2X4 Top Panel
• 2 Volume controls for outputs 1&2 and 3&4
• Signal/clip LEDs for outputs 1&2 and 3&4
• Input signal/clip LED
• Headphone volume control
• LEDs to indicate USB ports in use
• LEDs to indicate Audio interface and USB hub function

Audiohub 2X4 Product Compatibility
• Supported Operating Systems:
- Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (class compliant)
- Window 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (ASIO drivers included)
- iOS 7, 6 (class compliant)

Audiohub 2X4 Product Dimensions
• 134mm width x 150mm depth x 41mm height (51mm inc knobs)

Audiohub 2X4 Power Requirements
• Audiohub 2x4 requires the included power supply in most cases, however USB bus powering is possible
• The included power supply is required for USB hub operation
• We also strongly advise the use of the included power supply for optimal performance with audio streaming and output level operation

Audiohub 2X4 Inputs
• Gain-0.7dB or +9.1dB
• Input for full-scale amplitude low gain (0dBFS)+10.9dBu
• Alignment low gain (-18dBFS)-9.3dBV
• Alignment High gain (-18dBFS)-19.1dBV
• THD+N (-1dBFS sine at 997Hz, 20kHz BW)-97.6dB, 0.0013%
• Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)+0.03dB -0.29dB
• Dynamic Range Low gain105.6dB CCIR-RMS, 109.9dB A-wgt
• Dynamic Range High gain101.7dB CCIR-RMS, 105.9dB A-wgt
• Input to Input Crosstalk-84.5dB (1kHz), -96.5dB (20Hz)
• Output to Input Leakage-84.8dB (1kHz), -65.1dB (20Hz)

Audiohub 2X4 Balanced Outputs
• Max output+18.4dBu, +16.2dBV
• Max gain (above nominal -10dBV output)+8.2dB
• Volume range69.4dB
• THD+N (-1dBFS sine at 997Hz, 20kHz BW)-99.7dB, 0.001%
• Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)+0dB -0.8dB
• Noise output-88.9dBu CCIR-RMS, -92.8dBu A-wgt
• Dynamic range106.8dB CCIR-RMS, 111.4dB A-wgt
• Output to Output Crosstalk-101.8dB (1kHz), -101.5dB (20Hz)
• Input to Output Leakage-83.3dB (1kHz), -93.7dB (20Hz)

Audiohub 2X4 Unbalanced Outputs
• Max output+14dBu, +11.8dBV
• Max gain (above nominal -10dBV output)+3.8dB
• Volume range69.3dB
• THD+N (-1dBFS sine at 997Hz, 20kHz BW)-90.6dB, 0.003%
• Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)+0dB -0.78dB
• Noise output-90dBu CCIR-RMS, -94.4dBu A-wgt
• Dynamic range-104.3dB CCIR-RMS, 108.4dB A-wgt
• Output to Output Crosstalk-100.9dB (1kHz), -105.3dB (20Hz)
• Input to Output Leakage-89.9dB (1kHz), -99.8dB (20Hz)

Audiohub 2X4 Headphone Jack
• Max power (0dBFS, 100O)73mW
• Rated power (<1%THD, 100O)50mW
• Max output level (unloaded)14.7dBu

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