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Digital1 PCDJSCRATCH MP3 DJ Software v2

pcdj pcdj-scratch
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Spin MP3s just like vinyl! The ultimate Digital DJ Technology. Control all your digital music files with a turntable interface. PCDJ scratch bridges the connection between vinyl records and digital music. PCDJ scratch gives today's DJ the hands on vinyl touch with the technology of tomorrows digital music technology.

Using any turntable connected to your PC and PCDJ Scratch's special time stamped vinyl records with the PCDJ Scratch software interface, you will be able to control your music files just like you would vinyl.

Item Contains:
• 3 PCDJ stamped wax records
• 1 Copy of PCDJ scratch software (two installations)
• PCDJ scratch manual
• Windows 2000 or Windows XP
• 900 MHz (1.2 GHz+ recommended)
• 128MB RAM (512MB+ recommended)
• 2 Turntable pre-amps (2 tables with line output recommended)
• 4in and 4out soundcard (Maya 44 recommended)

Organized Music.
Sort, organize and search through your music collection in the easy to use interactive recordcase. Find and load a song and spin it on vinyl in seconds.You can create waitlists and ripp your CD's with PCDJ's powerful built in ripper. Scratch also has a real time BPM read out and BPM Extractor to train you get those beat matched. So, for those DJ's who still love the feel of vinyl under their fingertips, PCDJ scratch will bridge the gap. This truly gives the DJ the hand on vinyl feel and power and features above and beyond anything that has hit the market today.

WAX to MP3
The vinyl technology has been designed with new levels of analog to digital conversion that secures the bridge with confident reliability. Unlike other systems which employ "timecode" on vinyl, PCDJ Scratch vinyl records contain specially modulated physical location stamps . As the needle traces the groove, PCDJ Scratch software is able to listen to the sound coming from the turntable and tell instantly the physical position of the needle on the surface of the record. These multiple channel location stamps make sure the communication between the vinyl and the PC is double accurate and correct. What this means is if your vinyl starts wearing there is a failsafe in place to make sure you don't skip a beat.

Record and Scratch
With PCDJ Scratch you can plug in a mic and record vocals and scratch them live on your vinyl immediately. Spin and scratch in your voice drops live over your mixes in seconds. Try doing that with real vinyl!

The audio's frequency is as low as 3 milliseconds latency. There are approximately 155 totally unique physical position stamps per rotation of the record. To give you an idea of the latency, this means that PCDJ Scratch software reads a new physical position stamp every 12 milliseconds when the record is played at 33-1/3 rpm.

PCDJ Scratch Features:

PCDJ Scratch dual deck software with stainless steel skin.
Scratch vinyl designed for scratch DJ's and turntablism.
Full customizable recordcase with find/waitlist/scan/drag and drop
Supports MP3/WAV files with scratch vinyl.
BPM Extractor/ Gain and Real-time BPM vinyl read out
Live mic record in and play on vinyl
Plays ordinary vinyl through software in TT direct mode
Position Mode - Replicates traditional vinyl
Velocity Mode - Song playback not affected by needle position on vinyl
Side A and B vinyl. Load 2 songs at once and flip vinyl
Mute Reverse - Mute sound on reverse motion
Mute Forward Mute sound on forward motion
Mute Velocity Assignable mute level on slow velocity of turntable
Auto calibration features to optimize your vinyl response
Play log feature to track your song activity
Powerful built in CD ripper
Keyboard shortcuts

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