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Propellerhead RECYCLE2-0 Audio Loop Editing Tool

propellerhead recycle2-0
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ReCycle! is an audio processing tool for drum loops and grooves. It uses a technique called slicing to "atomize" the loops.

Once a loop has been sliced, it is transmitted to your sampler and mapped to the keyboard. It can also be used in any REX-compatible software such as Reason or Cubase VST. Now supports stereo files!
ReCycle! allows you to make the tempo of any drum groove slave automatically to the tempo of the sequencer.
• Layer grooves that were originally recorded in different tempi.
• Quantize MIDI to audio, audio to MIDI and audio to audio.
• Groove quantize loops as fast and simple as with any MIDI recording.
• Send different sounds in the groove to different sampler outputs.
• Edit a drum groove as if it was programmed out of individual sounds.
• Remove and/or replace sounds without altering the feel.
• Transmit and receive samples from most popular samplers.
• Save ReCycled loops as SoundFonts or Mixman files.

• Stereo file support .
• Real-time signal processing: Envelope, Transient Shaper, and Equalizer.
• Support for REX2.
• Support for ASIO.
• Support for AKAI S5000 and S6000.
Tempo and Timing:
• Automate the tedious process of making a sampled groove fit the tempo of your song.
• Change the tempo of a groove without altering its pitch.
• Change the timing of the grove - even quantize it.
Tuning and detuning:
• Change the pitch of a groove without altering its tempo
• Make pitched grooves fit into songs in other keys.
Remodeling the Groove:
• Remove and/or replace any sound inside the sampled groove without altering its feel.
• Create variations and fills out of a single loop.
• Alter the volume of the individual sounds in the groove.
• Use ReCycle's Compressor, EQ and transient • Designer to energize your loop.
• Send different sounds in the groove to different sampler outputs or audio channels for individual processing.
• Alter the ambience of a groove.
• Automatically normalize the levels of the sounds in the groove for optimum sound quality. Going beyond the Loop:
• Automatically isolate and extract individual sounds out of long samples.
• Use the feel of the groove to quantize other • MIDI recordings.
• No sampler Required!
• Adjust tempo, pitch, and effect settings within • ReCycle and save the results as a new file
• Save as REX 2 files for direct import in Reason, Cubase VST or Logic (or other REX 2 compatible programs).
• Export to SoundFont format - use your sound card as a sampler.
Sampler Support:
• Akai S1000/S1000PB/S1100/S1100PB, S2000/S3000 including "i" and "XL" versions.
• Akai S5000/6000 via AKP files
• Digidesign Sample Cell 1 & 2
• Ensoniq EPS/EPS 16+, ASR-10, ASR-88
• E-Mu Esi-32, SIC, e64 and all other modules running the EOS operating system
Kurzweil K2000/K2500 incl. X, R, & S models
Roland s-760.

• Any PowerPC processor, 16 Mb RAM, MacOS 8.0 or later, CD-rom drive, 640x480 or larger display with at least 256 colors.
• 16-bit audio (not required) and Apple Sound Manager 3.2.1 or later (included).
• For communication with MIDI samplers you need a MIDI interface compatible with OMS 2.3.6 (OMS is included) or later and/or a SCSI interface depending on the sampler you are using.
• Intel Pentium processor (66 MHz or faster) , 16 Mb RAM, Windows 95/98 or NT 4, CD-rom drive, 640x400 or larger display with at least 256 colors.
• 16-bit audio card (not required) with either MME or DirectX drivers. DirectX 6 is included and is preferred for best performance.
• For communication with MIDI samplers you need a MME compatible MIDI interface and/or an Adaptec compatible SCSI adapter card, depending on the sampler you are using.

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