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Rane SSE-35 Home Cinema Equalizer

rane sse-35
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The SSE 35 provides electronic correction of varying speaker placement and room responses.

Each front channel receives different correction since few rooms and furnishings are symmetrical. This is important in home theater where sounds follow the screen action. After equalization, dialog becomes clearer, and sounds keep the same tone as they move between speakers. Notably important, equalization is critical when a different brand or model center channel speaker is used than the left and right. Separate equalization helps all three front speakers sound similar, improving realism as sounds pan from left, to center, to right. The SSE 35 is a constant-Q design, which ensures each slider only affects the frequencies within its band. Previous designs earned equalizers a bad reputation in home audio systems. Rane pioneered the constant-Q concept over a decade ago. Rane equalizers are found in many of the worlds finest recording studios and film dubbing stages. And when the slider is at its center detent, that band is truly bypassed - only the bands that are adjusted receive equalization.

The SSE 35 is designed for Dolby Pro-Logic home theater systems. Separate 2/3-octave equalizer sections for the front Left, Center, and Right Channels compensate for varying room acoustics. Higher resolution 1/3-octave sections correct the sub or low frequencies, where room boundary problems become more frequency specific.

Equalizer Specs: Left and Right Channels get 1/3-octave equalization from 31.5 to 80 Hz, and 2/3-octave equalization from 100 Hz to 16 kHz. The 1/3-octave equalizer sections may be routed to the Subwoofer Output(s). The Center Channel also provides 2/3-octave equalization from 100 Hz to 16 kHz.

In addition to the left, center and right channels, the SSE 35 supports use and equalization of stereo or mono subwoofers, superior to subwoofer outputs provided on most preamps. Dolby Pro-Logic leaves all low frequency information below 100 Hz in the left and right channels when the Center Channel Mode is Normal (Small) or Phantom (None). Center and surrounds roll off below 100 Hz. The SSE 35 can send all low frequencies to the Left and Right Main Outputs, split them to Stereo Sub Outputs, or mono these to a single Sub Output, all with 1/3-octave equalization. Individual Left / Right Crossovers are set to 100 Hz to match the bass splitting circuit in Dolby Pro-Logic. Rolloff is a steep 24 dB per octave, providing greater specific power to the sub(s) and main speakers. Any channel's crossover configuration is switchable: High Pass filter switches for the Left, Center and Right Channels, and Low Pass switches for the Left and Right Subwoofer outputs.

Gold-plated RCA connectors allow patching into any system that provides access between the preamp and power amplifiers. One-time tuning requires a realtime analyzer, or a test CD and sound pressure level meter. Rack mounting ears, power supply and security cover are included. Once tuned, just try the BYPASS switch - you won't leave it in.

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