VIP Rewards Program

The VIP Rewards Program is a fun way to earn "PDJ Bucks", or virtual currency. PDJ Bucks are awarded for making product purchases and for other actions that help support the community and can then be redeemed on for product discounts. As a member of, there are lots of ways to earn and spend your PDJ Bucks. It is just one of the many ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.

Earning PDJ Bucks

There are a number of ways you can earn PDJ Bucks, as shown below. Check back often as we are always looking for new fun ways for you to earn additional points!

  • Join Us — Earn PDJ Bucks for signing up a new account with Sign up now!
  • Make a Purchase — Earn PDJ Bucks on purchases made at, even on price matched items!
  • Newsletter Subscription — Earn PDJ Bucks for signing up for our newsletter and get new product announcements and member-only deals delivered to your inbox.
  • Write a Product Review — Earn PDJ Bucks for submitting a Product Review.
  • Get Friends to Join — Earn PDJ Bucks for each friend you have invited who registers using your personal invite link.
  • Get Friends to Make a Purchase — Earn PDJ Bucks for each friend you have invited who makes their first purchase using your personal invite link.

PDJ Bucks Exchange Rate

Each one hundred (100) PDJ Bucks is valued at one ($1) US Dollar in credit or product discounts. PDJ Bucks have no redeemable cash or other value.

Accruing PDJ Bucks

When you have earned PDJ Bucks, they will generally be posted automatically to your Account. Some PDJ Bucks are pending until final approval. has the full and final rights to make all decisions on all PDJ Bucks awarded and revoked. For instance, we only allow one join us award for each real person that joins We also do not allow friend awards for inviting yourself through other email accounts you may access. We may deny any such awards that we uncover at any time at our full discretion.

Redeeming PDJ Bucks

You may redeem your PDJ Bucks on product purchases, subject to the parameters outlined in Minimums and Maximums below. If you have accumulated enough PDJ Bucks to redeem, then you may apply them while in your shopping cart to get the appropriate discount.

PDJ Bucks Minimums and Maximums

For most purchases there is a maximum number of PDJ Bucks you are allowed to use for product discounts. In some cases there may also be a minimum number of PDJ Bucks required for any redemption. Your total PDJ Bucks accrued may also be capped at a maximum number, which would require you to redeem some PDJ Bucks before earning more.

Managing Your PDJ Bucks

You have the ability to view and manage your PDJ Bucks from within your Customer Account. Here you will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent), minimum amount needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum points limit and a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed and lost.

PDJ Bucks Expiration

PDJ Bucks expire after one hundred eighty (180) days if not redeemed. We'll be sure to prompt you before they expire so you will have a chance to use them. PDJ Bucks expire in the order in which they were earned.

How Returns Affect PDJ Bucks

Items that are later returned will have their PDJ Bucks deducted from their earned rewards.