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Sony ACID PRO 5.0 Loop Product Software

sony acid-pro-5.0
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The highly anticipated upgrade to the industry's most powerful loop-based music composition software program is here. New features include sophisticated media management tools, exclusive Groove Mapping' quantizationtechnology, and ReWire' support.

Original Music Creation:
ACID Pro 5 software includes a powerful set of real-time features for composing original songs. Its intuitive pick, paint, and play' interface lets you focus on the immediacy of music creation. By providing an unlimited number of tracks for audio and MIDI events, and a comprehensive and professional editing environment, you'll . nd yourself immersed in a new world with in. nite creative possibilities.

Advanced Mixing and Editing Tools: Set up and mix 5.1 channel surround project . les for audio and DVD productions. Reverse audio events during playback in real-time. Use the Beatmapper' tool to add tempo information to song-length . les, including MP3s, so you can remix and combine music loops with existing songs. The Chopper' tool creates amazing drum . lls, stutters, and DJ-style e. ects.

Powerful New Media Management: ACID Pro software provides new tools that o. er a more e. cient way to manage your project media. Innovative search and tag' tools allow you to quickly identify loops found on your hard-drive or even within the entire collection of Loops & Samples from Sony Media Software by genre, instrumentation, BPM, or other user-de. ned attributes.

Exclusive Groove Mapping Quantization Technology:
New and unique to ACID Pro 5 software is our powerful groove quantization technology. Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning can signi. cantly expand your loop collection by morphing existing loops into fresh, new sounds. Beat-match vocal tracks nondestructively in real-time. Quantize disparate loops to a common groove, create new grooves from scratch, apply any number of the supplied grooves, and even extract grooves from existing loops and apply them to other samples.
Cutting-Edge Audio E. ects ACID Pro 5: software natively supports VST e. ects, including automation of e. ects parameters, opening up your palette of available sounds. Also included are over 20 DirectX, e. ects such as new tempo-based e. ects that automatically adjust to the tempo of your project. New e. ects include Flange, Amplitude Modulation, Simple Delay, and Chorus.

ReWire Mixer and Device Support:
ACID Pro software works as both a ReWire mixer/host and a device/instrument. Use ACID software as part of your synchronized work. ow with compatible applications such as Sonar, Nuendo, Cubase SX, Live, or Pro Tools software.

Enhanced MIDI Functionality:
The ACID Pro MIDI Piano Roll Editor is enhanced with unique snap-to-scale and snap-to-note scale masking for foolproof music creation. Record MIDI tracks into your ACID project using external MIDI devices, or add events using MIDI step recording. MIDI tracks time-stretch perfectly to any tempo, and can be used with e. ects just like audio tracks.

Disc-at-Once/Track-at-Once CD Burning:
ACID Pro 5 software features both track-at-once and disc-at-once CD burning.

Includes Over 1,000 New Loops:
ACID Pro 5 software includes more than 1,000 new music loops from the Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples collection.

Change the Groove of a Track:
It's easy to apply a groove to the tracks in your project. In the Window Docking area, click the Groove Pool tab. From the top section of the Groove Pool, drag the groove you want to use onto the desired track. Notice that a groove event is displayed along the bottom of the track. Increase the track height to see the groove name and zoom in to see a visual representation of the groove in the groove event. Drag a di. erent groove onto the track to add multiple grooves or replace the current groove.

Create Custom Grooves:
Modify the track properties of an existing track and create a new groove based on those modi. cations. Right-click the track header for a track and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. In the Track Properties dialog, click the Stretch tab and make adjustments to the various markers.
When you're happy with the changes you've made, click the Add to Groove Pool button. The new groove now appears in the Groove Pool.

Export Custom Grooves:
After you've created a new groove, you might decide that it would work well in other projects too. You can export the groove so that you can use it in any project or share it with a partner. In the Groove Pool, select the groove you want to export from the list. Click the Export Selected Groove button. You can save the groove to any location on your computer drives that you want.

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