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Sony Oxford R3 EQ Plug-in For Pro Tools

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Oxford R3 EQ Plug-in For Pro Tools.

* Track name assign.
* Load setting.
* Insert e
* Plug-in select.
* Compare.
* Bypass button.
* 7a and 7b. Automation function.
* Response display.
Displays current active EQ and filter response curves.
* LF and HF (25.) SLOPE button.
Selects LF and HF filter Slopes 6dB - 36dB/oct in 6dB/oct steps.
* / LF and HF \ (23.) button:
Switches low pass and high pass filters in/out.
* LF and HF (21.) FILTER FREQ controls
Sets LF and HF filter turnover frequencies.
* FREQ controls:
Sets the centre frequencies or turnover frequencies for shelf curves.
* Q controls:
Sets bandwidth of EQ curves. Sets amount of overshoot function in shelving sections.
* LF and HF (20.) Shelving buttons:
Select shelving function for high and low EQ sections.
* +/- controls:
Sets Boost or cut gains.
* IN buttons:
Allow individual EQ sections to be switched in/out.
* A & B (19.) buttons:
Two complete EQ (excluding filter) settings can exist simultaneously. The A&B buttons allow toggling between them for comparison purposes.
* Gain control:
Sets the attenuation level to the EQ section to avoid clipping signals when in boost.
* A & B buttons (as 17.)
* LF and HF Shelving buttons (as 14.)
* LF and HF FILTER FREQ controls (as 11.)
* +/- buttons:
Selects EQ function types. Four types are offered on the Oxford R3 EQ plug-in. If the GML8200 option is available, it appears as the fifth selection.
* IN button:
Applies the EQ function type selected by +/- push buttons in (22.) The IN button light will go out if
another EQ type is selected, indicating that the EQ remains unchanged until the IN button is depressed.
* 8 Character display:
Displays the function type selected by +/- buttons in (22.). If the optional GML8200 EQ is available it
appears as an additional selection in this display.
* Overload indicator:
Displays signal overload at the output of the EQ and Filter sections. The default mode for this function is latching, requiring click to reset. Clicking and holding on the overload area produces a pop-down menu that enables selection of either 2 or 5 second time out settings to facilitate initial EQ adjustment.
* 5 band EQ with Filters.
* 5 band EQ without Filters.
* 3 band EQ. (without LMF and HMF sections).
* Display Values:
Set to either Changed' or Always', this option controls whether the values for the knobs are displayed all the time - Always' or only when the mouse is moved over them Changed'. The Always' option is useful if a ProControl or similar hardware controller is being used to adjust the plugin controls and the
operator wishes to see the current value of a knob on the screen.
* Over Duration:
This sets the approximate time that the over light will stay on for when the plugin has detected a fulllevel sample at it's output. Clicked' means the light will stay lit until the user clicks on it with a mouse.
The other two options will set the length of time in seconds before the over light goes out after a full level sample is detected.
* Knob Mode:
This option sets the operation of the mouse to be either Linear' - meaning the value increases or
decreases by moving the mouse horizontally or vertically, or Circular' meaning the knob value is
changed by moving the mouse in a circular motion around the knob. The previous release of the Sony Oxford EQ plugin operated in linear mode only.
* Mouse rate control:
Fine adjustments to any control setting can be achieved by pressing the Apple command key' button before clicking on the control to be adjusted and holding this key down during the operation.

System Requirements:
* Approved Digidesign CPU and configuration.
* Pro Tools HD or Mix system.

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