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Sony PRO SOUND FORGE 7.0 Software

sony soundforge7.0
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Sound Forge is an award-winning digital audio editor that includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for recording and manipulating audio. This industry-standard application is perfect for audio editing, audio recording, effects processing, and rich media encoding.

New in Sound Forge 7.0:
• Powerful and fast nondestructive audio editing
• Multitask background rendering
• 32 bit/64-bit float/192kHz file support
• Enhanced time zoom (24:1) for increased editing accuracy
• Customizable zoom ratios
• New Modeless Audio Plug-In Chainer
• New Customizable DirectX Favorites menu for plug-ins
• New DirectX Plug-In Manager
• Enhanced Preset Manager
• QuickTime' and MPEG-1&2* file import
• Windows Media' format import
• Fully customizable toolbars
• Tabbed docking windows
• New audio playback options
• New video saving and render options
• Enhanced video preferences
• Full support for files 4 GB and larger
• User interface enhancements

Why Sound Forge 7.0?
Powerful and Fast Nondestructive Audio Editing Sound Forge is now faster than ever! Cut, Paste, and Delete audio with extreme speed and accuracy down to the sample level. Nondestructive edits happen immediately no more waiting. Sound Forge gives you the power and flexibility you need to create a clean, professional final product, now with lightning-fast precision.

Multitask Background Rendering:
Work on one file while Sound Forge processes another! Open, Play, Preview, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete files while other project files render in the background. Sound Forge 6.0 provides a powerful and efficient multitask environment saving you valuable production time.

Amazing Audio Effects:
Get over 35 audio effects, including DirectX Audio Plug-Ins from Sonic Foundry's XFX'1, 2, and 3 series. This arsenal of effects includes three EQ's, Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay/Echo, Distortion, Dynamics, Time Compression/Expansion, Flange, Pitch Bend, Reverb, and more. Use the new Preset Manager to back up, transfer, and organize your favorite presets. Plus, now you can add, view, and customize effects with ease using the new DirectX Plug-In Manager.

Enhanced Preset Manager:
Use the new Preset Manager to back up, transfer, and organize your favorite presets. Save time in accessing most commonly used settings. Since the Preset Manager is a stand-alone application, you can even use it to control your favorite ACID' and Vegas presets!

Increased Editing Accuracy:
Edit your files down to the sample level! Sound Forge 7.0 now has a zoom ratio greater than 1:1 (24:1), allowing you to perform more precise, sample accurate editing. View, select, edit, and snap to sample selections. Sound Forge gives you more control over your audio editing than ever before.

32-Bit/64-bit float/192 kHz:
File Support Sound Forge 7.0 now supports full resolution 32-bit files for pristine audio quality. Import and save high-resolution 32-bit files - even record 32-bit files if your hardware supports 32-bit recording. Sound Forge 6.0 provides the ultimate in audio fidelity.

Saves Time:
Sound Forge 7.0 combines fast and powerful nondestructive editing with simple drag and drop operations, allowing you to focus on your project and not time.

Support for multiple file formats:
Sound Forge supports a wide range of audio formats, including 15 import formats and 17 export formats, such as WAV, Windows Media' Audio and Video, MPEG-1&2*, RealAudio and MP3.

Ease of use:
Sound Forge provides simple drag-and-drop operations and a fully customizable interface, allowing you to build projects the way you want. Sound Forge also supports standard Windows keyboard commands and mouse shortcuts.

Protected work environment:
Sound Forge includes crash recovery tools, which allow you to recover lost work after a power failure or system crash. Sound Forge also includes a powerful undo/redo history feature, which allows you to see your entire work history at a glance and undo edits.

Powerful Encoding Tools:
Get your media on the web faster than ever with Sound Forge 6.0! Open MOV and Windows Media' Video and Audio files, even import MPEG-1&2 formats*. Quickly convert files to different formats. Insert metadata command markers, launch Web sites during playback. Creating streaming media for the Web has never been easier.

Wave Hammer' Mastering Tools:
Sound Forge provides you with the tools you need to create high-quality audio masters! Wave Hammer includes a classic compressor and volume maximizer, allowing you to limit the dynamic range of your audio and add punch to your recordings. Boost overall signal levels without clipping or distorting your sound, or limit a signal's peak amplitude.

Acoustic Mirror:
Environment Simulator and Microphone Modeler Get Sonic Foundry's most unique DirectX audio plug-in, Acoustic Mirror a $250 value. This amazing tool allows you to apply the acoustic responses of real environments, such as concert halls, caves, and stairways to your audio. You can even process your audio through various microphone models, from classic vintage gear to the latest pro microphones from Shure.

Spectrum Analysis Tool:
Use the Spectrum Analysis tool to analyze waveforms by frequency and help identify noise problems. Perform precise FFT analysis and display the resulting data in two graphical formats. Use the Spectrum Graph to monitor input or playback in real-time.

CD Ripping and Track-at-Once CD Burning:
Burn your projects to disc and create high-quality audio CD's. Preview CD audio tracks digitally before extracting them from CD's. Record music to your hard drive, or save your files in MP3, WAV, or WMA formats. Take your projects with you and share them with the world!

Enhanced Video Preferences:
Sound Forge 6.0 has new video render options including, fast video resizing, source video resampling, and video stretching. Synchronize audio with video at sub-frame accuracy. With external monitor previewing through IEEE-1394 devices and more render options than ever, Sound Forge is the perfect companion to your favorite video editor.

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