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Stock Status & Availability

We promote some of the best products in the DJ Equipment industry. But it is nearly impossible to be able to stock everything. Below is a list of some of the more popular Stock Status & Availability labels we use on our website:

  • In Stock & Ready To Ship
    This item is in our warehouse and usually ships the same day if ordered before 5pm ET (2pm PT), excluding weekends and holidays.

  • Ships Directly From The Supplier in 1-2 Days
    This item can dropship directly from the supplier to our U.S. customers after 1 to 2 business days processing time, depending upon their stock levels and workload. Simply place your order, we'll reach out to the supplier for confirmation, and notify you promptly if we hear of any delay. Some suppliers are extremely fast at processing orders and ship the same day or next day. Only a small handful take longer, and we will be sure to communicate with you what we know.

  • Not In Stock But Can Be Here Quick. May Also Be Able To Ship Directly From The Supplier On Larger Orders
    This is an item that we typically need to order in. The supplier may also dropship for us, but usually not on orders under a certain price threshold. If you plan to order this item in quantity, or order it along with other items from the same supplier, then the supplier will probably just dropship it directly to you. Depends on the total order size to that supplier.

  • Not In Stock But Can Be Here Quick.
    This is an item that we have to order in for you. The supplier simply won't dropship to customers under any condition. Sometimes, we already have it on order though, so feel free to check with us.

  • Currently Not In Stock, But We Found It On Amazon For You
    We don't expect to receive this item in a fast enough time frame. So we have built out a module that tries to locate the product for you elsewhere. I KNOW, CRAZY RIGHT? It's our way to try to get you taken care of the best way possible. Yes, getting our customer's needs met is more important to us that any one order. We hope you'll remember us and continue to use our website as a resource of knowledge and return to us for your next purchase.

Have questions? Contact us if you are concerned about item availability, especially if ordering in quantities.