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Vestax PDX-2000MK2 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

vestax pdx2000mk2
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All of these tables will include a new platter design and a new A.S.T.S. system. On the new "Pro" tables, there will be a new component called "Dynamic Balance System" incorporated within the A.S.T.S.

New Platter:
At a new lower height of 7mm, this new diamond cut platter has been adjusted to match the level of standard mixers and competing turntables, making speed performance moves easier and perhaps cleaner. For the "Mix" DJs the gradient of the platter edge, now flatter, helps allow smother mixes for the DJs who prefer to touch the platter when correcting a record to keep it locked with the other record playing.

Tighter Pitch Control:
The pitch fader movements on these new models have been tightened in order to allow finer pitch adjustments.

New Tone Arm Mount/Base:
The mount/base has been altered to allow a new height adjustment system to be integrated into the MKII series. The new design also helps to lower the effects of external vibrations that cause howling.

New Tone Arm Height Adjustment System:
Changing the height of a tone arm increases the angle at which the tone arm and needle tracks on a given piece of vinyl. The severity of this angle results in a greater amount of pressure at the point where the needle meets the vinyl, which in turn lowers the chance of the needle skipping. On the MKII series, the height adjustment system has been altered to allow for a slightly more acute setting (more pressure), and no longer includes an internal spring mechanism that forces the tone arm upwards. Furthermore, the system now includes a visual height memory stick that means DJs can alter the height of the tone arm on the fly depending on the demands of their performance, or the quality of the vinyl.

New RCA Leads and Smaller Cabinet:
For "Performance" DJs having the turntable as close to the mixer means that speed moves are easier. Thus, on the MKII we have included right angle RCA cables that reduce the amount of space between a standard mixer and the turntable. The Dust cover hinges have been removed as well to get even closer to the mixer.

Platter Design:
Brand new design that has a lower profile and a better feel for DJs that prefers to touch the platter while mixing.

Grooved surface area on the platter to reduce friction between the slipmat and the platter allowing the record to spin more freely while scratching or cueing.

New advances in our patented A.S.T.S. technology to further reduce any possible skipping of the needle.

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