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Vestax PMC-007 2 Channel Scratch Mixer

vestax pmc-007
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The new Vestax PMC-007 is a two-channel mixer suitable for all performance styles. It features an open battle zone around the crossfader and input faders that makes it ideal for fast scratching and battle moves.

Scratch Rehearsal Cue:
This is one of many new features that can only be found on this mixer. Scratch Rehearsal Cue allows the user to rehearse their scratch with the master crossfader without the scratch being heard through the main outputs. This is achieved by pressing the "Mute" button on the PGM that is not being sent to the master output. The DJ can now scratch with the master crossfader and the channel that is muted can only be heard in the headphones. When the DJ is ready for the scratch to be sent out of the mixer all he has to do is release the frozen PGM by hitting the "Mute" button again.

This feature will allow DJs to become more creative on the fly in live situations or even in a recording environment. Many DJs have been achieving this type of feature by using the headphone (Cue) crossfader but always wished they could do it on the master crossfader instead. The cue crossfader has a shorter throw, stiffer fader and no fader curve so in the past the DJ was not able to get the full effect in their headphones. With the new Scratch Rehearsal Cue the DJ will now have full creative control in his headphones and his mixer.

New Open Battle Zone with New Rapid Exchange Faders:
Another brand new feature that can only be found on the PMC-007 is the newly designed face plate that has a rounded edge near the cross fader that allows the hand to have more room during scratching allowing for quicker tricks. In addition to the new face plate the PMC-007 also features a brand new fader design. It is the next generation of PCV faders but includes the Rapid Fader Exchange. This is an exclusive feature to the PMC-007 which allows for quick fader Crossfader that requires no tools. Within approximately 30 seconds you can replace both input faders and cross fader without a single tool.

Scratch EQ:
The PMC-007 also offers a scratch EQ preset button. By simply pressing this button, found on the right side of each of the PGM EQs, it automatically cuts the lows and boosts the highs.

Using this feature helps the scratch stand out within in the mix. In addition to improving the sonic quality of the scratch the Scratch EQ will eliminate all of the undesired low frequencies generated by the DJ's hand hitting the record. Heavy handed DJs will love this feature.

Three Band Isolators per PGM:
The PMC-007 is the first of all high end Performance mixers offered by Vestax that has a three band isolator per PGM. Usually only found on Techno/Club mixers, the three band isolator is excellent for completely killing any or all of the frequencies.

There has been a growing request for Performance mixers to have this feature. Performance mixers are no longer just being used for Hip Hop. Drum and Bass and Jungle DJs use features that can be found on both "Mix" and "Scratch" styles mixers so Vestax has included features from both types of mixers into the PMC-007.

Stereo Effect Send:
The PMC-007 also features an effect send and return. Each PGM has a dedicated effect send switch allowing effects to be placed across each PGM or both at the same time. In addition to using the Effect Send and Return for DJ effects, you can also use this feature as a "Session Input", allowing other DJ mixers to be all connected together for group sessions or battle competitions.

XLR and Booth Outputs:
The PMC-007 is the first "Performance" mixer by Vestax to have XLR master outputs. In addition to that, this is the first "Performance" mixer to offer a booth output as well. These outputs have been long overdue. Many clubs and recording studios have been requesting these features for many years and Vestax has finally created a "Performance" mixer with all of the needed features.

As of now, the PMC-007 will not be replacing the PMC-07Pro. The 007 has many features that can not be found on any other mixer. Most of these features would be considered advanced user features and because of that and the price this mixer is to be placed in the high end market.

• Input: LINE IN (RCA) x 2 PHONO (RCA) x 2 MIC IN (f 6.3PHONE) x 1 MIC EFFECT LOOP (f 6.3PHONE) x 1 AUX RCV (RCA) x 1
• isolator: It changes to 3BAND SCRATCH EQ in each PGM
• the equalizer -: In MIC CH 2BAND & fader for exchange -: CF-RX (\7,000)/IF-RX (\7,000)
• size: 260 (W) 92 (H) 370 (D) mm
• power source: AC12V 1000mA (power source adapter AC-12ADM \3,000)
• electric power consumption: 12W & remark: SCRATCH EQ button and rehearsal MUTE switch equipment

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