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Alesis FIREPORT 1394 Firewire Interface ADAT/FST

alesis fireport-1394
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The affordable Alesis FirePort 1394 allows lightening-fast transfers of audio data from the ADAT HD24 Hard Disk Recorder to PC. The FirePort allows you to connect your HD24 to an ADAT/FST hard drive to a computer using a FireWire' interface, where the audio files can then be incorporated or manipulated using a range of PC-based audio production applications.

The FirePort includes a hot-swappable docking station for HD24 caddies with a FireWire' PC connection, and FST/Connect disk drive management software. The software not only allows easy audio data transfers to and from the PC, but lets you manage the file system on the target drive, i.e., creating/deleting/copying songs, and more. The hot-swappable FirePort module allows easy connect/disconnect of HD24 caddies in a convenient and portable desktop design. Other features include blazing-fast transfer rates up to 400Mb/second, and an inline switching power supply. When combined with the ADAT HD24, the FirePort 1394 offers a complete solution for reliable and expandable cross-platform digital recording.

The Alesis FirePort 1394 is designed to complement the ADAT HD24 hard disk recorder perfectly. It allows extremely fast and accurate transfers of audio data between an ADAT FST' hard drive and your computer by using industry-standard IEEE 1394 connections (also known as FireWire). Tracks may be transferred at speeds up to 40 times faster than 10-BaseT Ethernet! This makes it even more practical for you to use your favorite editing platform to modify the tracks to your heart's content, after which they may be sent back with equal accuracy and even greater speed.

Alesis, the company that revolutionized multitrack recording with the introduction of the ADAT, provided yet another major price to-performance breakthrough with the ADAT HD24 hard disk recorder. Now with the advent of the FirePort 1394, the superior audio quality and portability of the HD24 can be married with the DSP-wrangling capabilities of your favorite audio editing software. Don't forget to eat.

Industry-standard IEEE 1394 connection
FirePort 1394 takes advantage of the high-speed, industry standard FireWire connection for extremely rapid file transfers. Gone are the days of large periods of downtime while waiting for an entire song to make the jump to or from a computer-based audio editing software package. With the FirePort 1394 and FST/Connect software, the entire contents of a 24-track, 48k song can be transferred from one device to the other in far less time than it would take to listen to the song one time through.

Simple to hook up;
Plug a FireWire cable from your computer into the FirePort 1394, plug one of your HD24's hard drive caddies into the FirePort 1394, and turn it on. The drive spins up in seconds and you're ready to go.

Easy-to-use software
Create, name and delete Projects and Songs, format and name your hard drives, export single tracks or whole songs to your computer and import them back to the FST drive with a few clicks of the mouse. Know at a glance the amount of free space available in your FST drive at any of the standard sample rates. Write-protect a song with a flick of the wrist. All of these functions are accessible from the main page of the included FST/Connect software.

* You will need an IBM-PC compatible computer that meets the following conditions:
* A properly installed FireWire/IEEE 1394 interface card
* Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system (sorry, no Windows ME)
* 64 megabytes of onboard RAM
* 10 megabytes of available hard drive space (minimum)
* A sound card (optional). Necessary to allow preview of tracks from the FST drive or the PC.

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