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Alesis PRO LINEAR 720 Studio Reference Monitor (EACH)

alesis prolinear720
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With custom DSP technology, Alesis was able to design a speaker with sound quality and accuracy for a low price. Clarity, imaging and transient response are truly outstanding.

We have compared the ProLinear 720 to some of the most popular monitors costing many times more and its performance was considered superior by all listeners. The primary difference between the 720 and 720DSP is the lack of user EQ control with the 720. The crossover and fixed EQ voicing are essentially the same.

• Drivers:
Any great speaker design starts with the best drivers and the Alesis' custom drivers are exceptional. The woofer has a cast frame with a 7" Kevlar cone and oversized magnet assembly. The Kevlar cone has outstanding stiffness to weight ratio to minimize distortion, extend bass response and provide excellent transient response. The magnet assembly provides high linearity and good efficiency. In the 720 cabinet, the woofer is flat down to 43hz (-3db, anechoically) with harmonic distortion typically below 0.4% above 50hz.
The tweeter is a 28mm silk dome that has a very flat frequency response with a low resonance to reduce harshness. The tweeter is ferro-fluid cooled to provide good power handling and well-behaved response. Distortion is typically below .3% over its operating range. The tweeters computer designed waveguide was optimized for nearfield placement but provides excellent imaging in most other placements.
Both drivers are shielded and allow the user to place the speakers within a few inches of a CRT.
• Crossover:
With Alesis' custom DSP processing, the crossover for the drivers achieves a linearity that is usually unachievable in analog monitors. This allows a smooth transition of the sound between the tweeter and woofer as well as providing proper time domain coherency. In other words, the speaker is as accurate as the drivers. The DSP also allows us to smooth out the frequency response far more effectively than with analog monitors. The response is typically better than +/- 1dB between 100hz and 20Khz.
• The Electronics:
The ProLinear is bi-amplified with typically 80 watts for the woofer and 40 watts for the tweeter. (In actuality, the woofer and tweeter are both powered at 80 watts, but because of the higher efficiency and lower power content to the tweeter, only about 40 watts is needed to match the 80 watts to the woofer.) The amplifiers are low distortion, wide band devices that are self-protected to prevent damage to the drivers. Inputs are either analog XLR or " TRS, so digital mixers and sources are not required. The power supply is a high efficiency switching supply used to provide optimal power at a low weight, as well as being usable over a wide range of AC voltages without reconfiguring the speaker. A bi-color LED on the front baffle indicates power-on when green and the amplifier is clipping when it turns red

• Input:
Nominal input level: +4dBu (-15dBFS). Maximum input level: +20dBu (7.0 Vrms)
Input impedance: 10k?
• Output:
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 110db at 1 meter at max input below clipping.
Low Frequency (LF) power: 80 watts RMS, 120 watts peak.
High Frequency (HF) power: 40 watts RMS typical, 120 watts peak. Frequency response: 50hz - 20kHz +/- 1.5dB. Bass level -3dB @ 43hz typical,
Signal To Noise ratio: > 90 dB A-weighted, Analog In to Analog Out,
• Power Requirements:
Input voltage: 100v - 230v
Input frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Power consumption: 20 W (idle)
130 W (typical, at maximum volume)
• Environmental Requirements:
Temperature range: 0-40 degrees C. Relative humidity (non-condensing): 30-85%.
• Cabling Requirements:
Mixer to Speaker: Balanced or unbalanced, shielded; XLR or " TRS connector.
• Mechanicals:
Size (HxWxD): 15" x 9" x 12" (380mm x 230mm x 305mm)

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