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4 Epic Speakers That are Completely Portable

Updated: Feb 2019

Outdoor weddings, backyard BBQs, beach parties, camping...there are dozens of reasons we can think of that you'd need to get sound where there's no power. Bluetooth has made it possible to take the music with us, but in the event of a party, portable speakers aren't the easiest thing to come by until lately. When you've got a group of folks itching for tunes, sometimes those personal speakers don't quite cut it. Here are 4 of our favorite powered speakers that are completely battery-powered, allowing you to take your speakers where power is hard to come by.

1. The American Audio ELS-GO 8BT

For the smaller parties (around 50 or so people), the ELS Go 8BT is an excellent solution. With 100 watts of continuous power, you can run this 8" speaker for up to 6 hours (at 75% power). Plus with Bluetooth, USB, XLR, 1/4", and RCA inputs, you can use this speaker with just about any application. Its small size makes this speaker extremely easy to carry when your party isn't so close to the parking lot.

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2. The Denon Envoi

We love the Denon Envoi, and the initial showing when it was first released revealed just how epic this speaker is. The Denon Envoi runs up to 12 hours on a single charge. While it rocks about 80-watts on battery power, the included UHF microphone, as well as the Bluetooth connectivity make it an excellent solution. The dual band EQ allows you to balance your sound the way you want it, giving you crystal clear audio in nearly any environment.

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3. The Gemini ES-12TOGO

Weighing in at a light 29 pounds, the 150 continuous watts in the Gemini ES-12TOGO speaker give you excellent audio for up to 5 hours of play time. The wheels and trolley handle make wheeling this thing around a breeze. You get 2 VHF wireless microphones for short range mic use, and the party is yours to create with multiple inputs to choose from.

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4. The Alto Professional Transport 12

The latest speaker to hit the market is the Alto Professional Transport 12. with 200 watts of continuous power. The included UHF microphone operates on one of 100 channels, giving you excellent reception up to 250 feet away, and making it an excellent choice for wedding cermonies.

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