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Hercules DJ CONSOLE 4-MX 4-Track Pro DJ Controller Mixer

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hercules djconsole-4mxbk
hercules djconsole-4mxbk Hercules DJ CONSOLE 4-MX 4-Track Pro DJ Controller Mixer
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The Hercules DJ Console 4-MX is built hard. Sturdy and prepared to give you the features and performance that you're looking for. The DJ Console 4-MX is a large DJ controller with metal casing, built-in audio and large jog wheels.

Key features:
• Large DJ station for mobile computer DJs
• 2-deck/4-deck metal DJ controller to mix 2 or 4 stereo audio tracks
• 2 stereo out (for mixing & previewing) + 2 stereo in (for analog gear)
• Mobile metal controller: a large mixer (40x25cm) with included carry bag
• 2 large jog wheels with touch detection
• Jog wheel size: 12cm diameter (4.7") x 1.9cm height (0.75")
• Weight sensors, to detect the hand's weight on the jog wheel top
• Great for scratching and seeking within audio tracks

2-deck & 4-deck control
• 2 shift buttons to turn deck A into deck C, and deck B into deck D
• 2-deck for standard DJ mixes, when mixing 2 audio tracks
• 4-deck mixing: double the controls when you mix 4 tracks

VIRTUAL DJ7 LE included: 4-deck DJ mixing software
• For Windows XP/Vista/7
• For Mac OS 10.5 & 10.6

Technical specifications:
• Large jog wheels with touch detection
• Same size as jog wheels on CD players
• 12cm (4.7") diameter: as large as a compact disc.
• 1.9cm (0.75") height: as comfortable as on a CD player.
• 2 large jog wheels you can't miss.

Touch detection via weight sensors
• Weight sensors detect the user's touch by detecting the hand's weight, to activate scratch mode.

Detection of the hand's weight activating the jog wheels' touch control is:
- natural: like on vinyl turntables and high-end CD players.
- secure: no disturbance from static electricity.
- intuitive: no need to calibrate.

Press down
The hand's weight moves the jog wheels down by 1mm:
- press the jog wheel down: you feel that you're scratching.
- move your hand up: you feel that you've released the jog wheel.

Jog wheels' control over the DJ software
While the track plays, you control the DJ software with 2 actions on the jog wheel:
- rotation, to control movement within the track.
- press down to control scratching.

Thus, during audio track playback:
- Rotation without jog wheel press = pitch bend (like when you turn a turntable's ring).
- Rotation with jog wheel press = scratch (like when you turn a vinyl record with your hand flat on the record).
- No rotation with jog wheel press = stop playback (like when you stop a vinyl record's rotation with your hand).
- No rotation without jog wheel press = playback continues.

Jog wheel accuracy
Rotation: 256 steps per revolution = 1.4 degrees per step.
Press down: <1mm travel.

Powerful DJ control surface!

Number of controls
2-deck mode
• Transport commands: 66 commands
• Transport buttons + combo commands: 52 buttons
• Shifted commands: 12
• Pitch reset: 2
• Knobs: 14
• Faders: 5
• Jog wheels: 4 commands
• Rotation commands: 2
• Touch commands: 2
• Total: 89 commands

4-deck mode
• Transport commands: 124 commands
• Transport buttons + combo commands: 96 buttons
• Shifted commands: 24
• Pitch reset: 4
• Knobs: 24
• Faders: 9
• Jog wheels: 8 commands
• Rotation commands: 4
• Touch commands: 4
• Total: 165 commands
• 2-deck and 4-deck DJ mixing controller

2-deck control
• DJ Console 4-Mx controls 2 decks in the same way as DJ Console Rmx.

4-deck control
• DJ Console 4-Mx controls both 2 decks and 4 decks, with 2 buttons switching the decks:
- a deck switch button on the left deck converts deck A into C / deck C into A.
- a deck switch button on the right deck converts deck B into D / deck D into B.

Once a deck is switched:
- all of the commands that the deck's controls send to the DJ software are changed.
- the letter of the active deck is highlighted in the center of the mixer.

Audio for mobile and club DJs
• 2 stereo outputs
• 2 independent stereo outputs on the rear panel:
- 4 RCA connectors to connect to a stereo system, a recorder...
- 4 mono connectors in '' jack format, to connect to a public address amplifier or speakers.

A ground lift switch on jack outputs 1-2, to protect the sound in the event of a ground loop.

1 headphones '' jack stereo output, located both on the top panel and on the front panel.

The headphones play the same channels as outputs 3-4 on the rear panel.

The 2 ways of using DJ Console 4-Mx's audio outputs are:
For a mix inside DJ Console 4-Mx:
- connect the speakers/amplifier to outputs 1-2, to play the mix for your audience.
- connect headphones to one of the 2 headphone outputs (front or top), to preview tracks.
For an external mix (using an external mixer - VirtualDJ Pro (not included) or other DJ software required):
- connect DJ Console 4-Mx outputs 1-2 to inputs 1-2 on the external mixer.
- connect DJ Console 4-Mx outputs 3-4 to inputs 3-4 on the external mixer.
- mix on the external mixer, and connect headphones to the external mixer.
- use DJ Console 4-Mx to control the virtual decks.

2 stereo inputs
2 independent stereo inputs via 4 RCA connectors:
- Select the audio source type in the DJ Console 4-Mx control panel: phono/consumer line/pro line/boost.
- Boost mode supports +8dBu signal level (for use with Pioneer CDJ players, for example).
- If the audio sources are vinyl turntables at phono level, connect the turntables' ground cables to the DJ Console 4-Mx's grounding screw.

1 microphone '' jack mono input, located on both the top panel and the front panel.

The microphone input can be set:
- as a talk-over source (default mode): the microphone is played on outputs 1-2 over the music in the background, using the music attenuation level set in the DJ Console 4-Mx control panel (0dB, -3dB, -6dB or -9dB).
- or as a standard source, replacing inputs 1-2.
DJ Console 4-Mx pre-amplifies the microphone input by up to +34dB.

Minimum configuration
PC minimum requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-/64-bit)
1.5GHz CPU or higher
1GB of RAM or more
USB port with USB bus power
Stereo speakers &/or headphones

Mac minimum requirements
Mac OS 10.5/10.6
1.5GHz CPU or higher
1GB RAM or more
USB port with USB bus power
Stereo speakers &/or headphones

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