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MAudio FireWire 410 Interface

m-audio firewire-410
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FireWire 410 is a FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that has it allpower, flexibility, compact size and low price. FireWire 410's 4-in/10-out configuration complete with preamps is perfect for personal recording, routing discrete outputs to a mixer, or directly driving a surround sound system. The on-board ASIO 2-compliant mixer and software control panel provide total routing flexibilityincluding monitoring with external effects. You also get ultra-low latency software monitoring and near-zero latency hardware direct monitoringand two headphone outs with independent level controls let you collaborate with a partner anywhere, anytime. FireWire 410 can even be completely bus-powered for total mobile operation (6-pin FireWire port required)

• 2 x 8 24-bit/96kHz analog I/O; 192kHz stereo out
• 2 mic/line ins w/ preamps and phantom power
• 8 line outs to mixer or direct surround output
• S/PDIF digital I/O w/ PCM, AC-3, and DTS support
• 1 x 1 MIDI I/O
• 24-bit/96kHz A/D converters
• 4 x 10 FireWire audio interface
• 192kHz stereo out
• 2 x 8 24-bit/96kHz analog I/O (1/4" TS)
dual mic/instrument preamps (Neutriks XLR/ 1/4" TS)
• global phantom power
• 66dB available preamp gain
• S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial/optical) w/ 2-channel PCM
• digital I/O supports surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS passthrough
• 1 x 1 MIDI I/O w/ bypass for stand-alone use
• 2 headphone outs w/ individual level controls (1/4" TRS)
• stereo monitor level control
• low-latency software monitoring
• direct hardware monitoring
• 8 analog outs can directly drive up to 7.1 surround
• software-controlled mixing and routing
• software-assignable level controller
• powered via DC supply or FireWire bus*
• 2 convenient high-speed FireWire ports
• includes Maximum Audio Tools software bundle
• * 6-pin FireWire port required
• frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz +/-1db
• signal-to-noise ratio: -107dB (typical, A-weighted)
• dynamic range: 108dB (A-weighted)
• THD: 0.00281%
• sample rates: 32kHz to 192kHz (192kHz on line outputs 1 & 2 only)
44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz (S/PDIF I/O)
• operating level: -10dB, unbalanced
• size/weight: 9-1/4" X 7" X 1-7/8"; 2.9 lbs.
• ASIO 2
• Sound Manager
• DirectX
• Mac OS X Core Audio / Core MIDI
PC Minimum Requirements
• Pentium III 500 MHz w/ 128MB RAM
• Windows 2000 (SP4) / XP (SP1)
• DirectX 8.1 or higher
• 6-pin FireWire port or adapter
Apple Mac Minimum Requirements
• Macintosh G3* 600 MHz/G4* 667 MHz
• OS 9.2.2, 128MB RAM; OS X 10.1.5, 10.2.6 or greater, 256MB RAM
• OMS 2.3.8 for MIDI under OS 9.2.2
• * native FireWire port required; G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported; OS 10.3 required for Dolby Digital and DTS pass-through with Apple DVD Player
• FireWire 410 uses the highest quality components for digital audio conversion, insuring that your music sounds its best. 24-bit/96kHz ADC combines with high-level design and software driver technology for optimal fidelity.
• 24-bit/192kHz D/A converter
New high-end audio formats such as DVD-Audio are delivering output at a stunning 192kHz sampling rate. If you're ready to take your critical listening to the next level, FireWire 410's ability to output 24-bit/192kHz fidelity in stereo will really open your ears. You also get high-resolution 96kHz audio from all outputs simultaneously.
• 2 analog audio input channels
Two independent analog input channels accept a wide variety of input signals. A front-panel switch for each channel selects between 1/4" TS (-10dBV) line-level input on the rear and Neutrik (1/4" TS and balanced XLR) mic/instrument input on the front. Connect microphones, guitars, keyboards, samplers, CD players and more. The driver software allows you to route these internally to any analog or digital outputs.
• 8 analog audio outputs
The combination of eight 1/4" TS outputs and software-controlled routing and mixing yield a tremendous amount of flexibility. This design is equally suited for routing individual signals to separate channels on an external mixer or directly driving the components of a surround sound system. Any output pair can also produce high-definition 24-bit/192kHz signals for amazing sonic clarity.
• Digital I/O
Two channels of S/PDIF in and out allow pristine transfers with other digital devices such as CD players, DATs and MiniDisc systems. The software control panel selects between rear-panel coaxial and TOSlink optical inputs, as well as which signals are routed simultaneously to both digital outs. Accompanying LEDs indicate valid data for both input and output. S/PDIF sample rates can either sync to external sources or operate at 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz.
• Dual high-performance preamps
Each of the two input channels incorporates award-winning M-Audio microphone/instrument preamp technologycomplete with +48-volt phantom power for condenser mics. They offer up to 48dB of gain for instruments like guitar and bassand an amazing 66dB of gain for microphones. 20dB pads, as well as signal and clip LEDs on each channel also aid in adjusting proper input signal levels. These preamps simply sound great no matter what you connect to them. FireWire bus-powered operation means that you can record anywhere your laptop goes.
• Surround-sound ready
The eight independent outputs are ideal for directly driving a 7.1 surround sound system. The digital outputs also offer passthrough of AC-3 and DTS surround content to an external decoder.
• Dual headphone outputs
The combination of two 1/4" TSR headphone outputs allow you to easily compose, record and mix with a partner. The software control panel allows assignment of one or more sources to the headphonesperfect for producing in surround. Independent volume controls assure maximum flexibility and listening comfort.
In addition to audio, FireWire 410 also features a built-in 1 x 1 MIDI interface. A bypass switch also allows throughput from MIDI In to MIDI Out , allowing you to maintain gear connections even while the computer is off or busy with non-musical tasks. The included drivers are compatible with most popular MIDI software for both Mac and Windows.
• Low-latency software monitoring
All software-based recording packages incur some amount of delay between input and output due to processing. Significant amounts of this delayknown as latencycan cause timing problems when recording overdubs. FireWire 410 uses extremely low-latency ASIO 2 and WDM drivers. The software control panel allows you to tailor the buffer size to the least delay possible for your CPUas few as an unnoticeable 64 samples on fast processors.
• Near-zero-latency hardware monitoring with effects
FireWire 410's advanced audio architecture allows you to directly monitor your inputs while recording with virtually no latency. Unlike most audio interfaces, you can even use the aux bus to route the input signals through an external signal processor so that you can monitor with effects.
• Digital mixer/patchbay
The combination of the built-in DM1000 FireWire controller chip and DSP-embedded ARM chip provide full on-board mixing and routing capabilities via software control panel or your ASIO-2 compatible music software. Route any input to any outputanalog or digital. Mix hardware inputs with software returns. Route to stereo effects via two mono aux sends per channel. Send the monitor mix to any output pairs. Route any audio stream to headphones.
• Aux bus
FireWire 410's flexible aux bus has a variety of uses. The aux sends allow you to monitor your inputs complete with external effects while tracking. You can also use them to create a separate monitor mix to route to a headphone amplifier to give an artist exactly the mix they need for those inspired takes.
• Tactile control
The front-panel level controller provides tactile control without having to fumble with the mouse. The knob functionality default

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