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Yamaha SW1000XG PCI XG Effects Process Card

yamaha sw1000xg
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With the introduction of the MU100R, Yamaha introduces a cutting-edge XG wavetable synthesis, plus the power of physical modeling and a unique vocal harmony effect. PCI XG wavetable/ hard disk recording/ multi effects processing card.

Multi-Channel Digital Hard Disk
Multi-channel hard disk recording capability is combined with 20 MB class wavetable, multiple effects busses, 7 independent 24 bit effect processors, channelized EQs and more right on a single PCI card. Any application can control over a million parameters for all these facilities via MIDI, including digital audio mixing with digital effects through the new multi-channel internal bus system.

20 MB Wave ROM
1,267 plus 256 (if PLG100-VL is fitted) voices, and 46 drum kits in total.

32 Parts Multi Timbral and 64 + 1 Max Polyphony
32 parts internal plus 16 parts external MIDI. Maximum of 64 notes simultaneous polyphony and plus 1 (if PLG100-VL is fitted).

Synthesis Capabilities
The most advanced digital filter with LPF and HPF, ADR type envelope generator, channelized EQ with hi/low and gain and more. Drum Setup parameters such as pitch, filter, EG and even reverb/chorus/variation sends for each instrument of a drum kit can be controlled.

Digital Audio
6 stereo / 12 mono tracks for playback - 16/32 bit, 48/44.1/22/11/8 kHz with rate converter; 4 tracks for recording - 16/32 bit, 44.1 kHz.

24 Bit Resolution Effect Processors
Up to 7 independent effects blocks, each with many effect programs and tons of program-dependent parameters. 12 types of Reverb, 14 Chorus, 70 Variation, 43 Insertion 1, 43 Insertion 2 effects, 5-Band Total EQ and 4 types of vocal harmony effect (when upgraded with PLG100-VH) can be used simultaneously for the wavetable synthesizer and the digiital audio.

2 A/D Inputs
The digital effects can be applied to the sound source from the Analog MIC/LINE Input.

Modular Synthesis Plug In System Expansion
The SW1000XG can be expanded with cards from the Modular Synthesis Plug-in system. There are 6 cards available: PLG100VH, PLG100XG, PLG150AN, PLG150PF, PLG150DX, and PLG150VL. Any 100 Series board will work with any SW1000XG. Any boards will work with the SW1000XG-P shipped from August 1999. To use PLG150 series boards with older SW1000XGs, please contact your dealer to have it updated at no charge.

A special version of Yamaha's XGworks MIDI/audio sequencer and tone generator editor will be bundled. SW1000XG is fully functional in many leading software programs such as Steinberg's Cubase VST, emagic's Logic Audio, Twelve Tone Systems' Cakewalk Pro Audio, Sonic Foundry's SoundForge, IQS's SAW.

Music / Sound Production Suite with DSP Factory
Internal multipin bus interface for connection to DSP Factory card system, Yamaha's ultimate digital mixing / processing PCI card which was recently announced.

Architecture PCI Bus Master (PCI version 2.1)
OC Compatibility Windows 95 (95 Plug and Play compatible)
Audio Converter Stereo 20 bit resolution ADC; Stereo 18 bit resolution DAC; Stereo 24 bit resolution internal processing
Digital Audio Full duplex playback and recording
SNR (A-weighted) less than 94dB
Recording Tracks 1 stereo / 2 mono (External analog in); 1 stereo/ 2 mono (Internal loopback)
Playback Tracks 6 stereo / 12 mono
Recording Rate 44.1 KHz
Playback Rate 48 / 44.1 / 22 / 11 / 8 KHz
Recording Resolution 16 / 32 bit
Playback Resolution 16 / 32 bit
MIDI Features Tone Generation Method: AWM2; Maximum Simultaneous Polyphony: 64 notes / 32 parts; Wave ROM size: 20 MB; Sound Module Mode: XG, TG300B
Internal Voices/Program Structure Normal Programs; Total Voices: 1,267; XG mode: 1,074; TG300B mode: 614
Drum Programs Total Programs: 46; XG mode: 36; TG300B mode: 10; C/M mode: 1
Effects 6 independent effects: Reverb (12 types); Chorus (14 types); Variation (70 types); Insertion 1, 2 (43 types each), 5-band EQ (4 types)
Jacks & Terminals A/D input (stereo-mini); Analog output R, L (RCA-pin); Digital output (S/PDIF); MIDI interface (DIN 6 pins)
Digital Interface DSPF: for DSP Factory DS2416; XG Plug-in Board: for PLG100-VL/VH
System Requirements PC Windows 95 installed; Pentium 166Mhz or upper; 32 MB RAM or upper; PCI Slot
Dimensions ( D x W x H) 198 x 127 x 21.6 mm
Weight 140 g
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