Yamaha VL70M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

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yamaha vl70m
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Unique to Yamaha, computer-based "physical modeling" technology which accurately simulates the complex vibrations, resonances, reflections and other acoustic phenomena that occur in real wind or string instruments-to produce high quality monophonic voices

Built-in Effects Section:
With independent Reverb, Chorus, Variation and Distortion effects

Flexible Voice Editing Options:
Although many parameters can be edited via the panel controls, peripheral voice editing software is available to give much more voicing flexibility.

Visual Editor:
An application with a graphical interface which allows you to make selections using easy-to-understand palettes and clickable buttons. (A Windows version of the Visual Editor is also available.)

Analog Editor:
An application with graphical interface which allows you to make selections using familiar analog-style knobs and switches.

Expert Editor:
Provides full access to the complete range of physical modeling parameters, ideal for creating entirely new voices.

Designed for compatibility with various types of external devices. A WX In jack lets you connect a Yamaha WX-series Wind MIDI controller. The "VL Extension for XG" feature significantly enhances and expands the musical capabilities of the XG format. A TO HOST connector lets you connect a personal computer for editing, sequencing and other musical applications without a separate MIDI interface.

Use from a keyboard, a Wind MIDI controller or a Guitar MIDI converter

System Examples:
VL70-m with a BC3 breath controller, the BC3 allows even greater musical expression; VL70-m with a WX5 wind MIDI controller; VL70-m with G50 and G1D, setup with a guitar MIDI converter; VL70-m sound to a Computer Music Playback (VL Extension for XG)
* Type S/VA (self-oscillating Virtual Acoustic Synthesis), VLR Algorithm
* Effect Reverb: 12, Chorus: 10, Variation: 44, * Distortion: 3
* Polyphony 1 note (monophonic)
* Modes Voice mode, VL-XG mode (VL Extension of XG)
* Voices Preset: 256 voices (including 137 VL-XG mapping voices), Custom: 6 voices (edited by external editor), User: 64 voices
Connectors FRONT PANEL: Phones, WX In (for WX7 or WX11 wind controller), Breath (for BC1, BC2, or BC3 breath controller) REAR PANEL: Output X2; (L/ Mono, R) MIDI In, MIDI out, MIDI thru, to Host (for MAC, IBM PC-compatible computers), DC In
* Power Requirements Yamaha PA-3B or equivalent AC adaptor (CD 12V 700mA)
* Dimensions (W/D/H) 220 x 212 x 46 mm (8-3/5" x 8-2/5" x 1-4/5")
* Weight 1.3kg (2 lbs. , 14 oz.)

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Manufacturer Yamaha
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