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Dart CD RECORDER 4 Audio Recording Restoration System

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dart cd-recorder-4
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Achieve the highest audio quality from any source. DART CD-Recorder is an audio recording and sound improvement system that is fast and easy to use. DART CD-Recorder 4.1 is the most complete package for Audio CD. Record without audio distortions. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

A Complete Audio Toolkit with more and more features:
• Microsoft Windows Media Support -
Support for MS Windows Media' Format for both encoding and decoding files. Make MS audio files and play them and burn them to CD.
• CD-ROM write support (Joliet Files) -
Burn MP3 files to CDs as well as .wav and other audio file formats.
• Improved MP3 decoder -
Xaudio MP3 decoder now used - newer & better.
• Comparative Normalize -
Use Normalize to automatically make all tracks the same volume level.
• Expanded MP3 support -
Producer (DeClick, DeHiss, etc.) supports MP3 files as well as UNPACK.
• Multi-session support
• Multiple burns to one CD - separate Close-Session option.
• On-The-Fly Burning -
• The fastest & easiest way to burn audio CD's from MP3 files.
• Record audio with your PC.
• A true audio recording utility for reliable audio recording -much more than a CD-R utility.
• Support for MP3 and MIDI conversion to WAV and WMA encoding and decoding.
• Sound card support - Correct sample rate & level selection for audio (22KHz is important for old music)
• Analog recording from - 78, 45, or 33 records; cassette or reel-to-reel tapes, MINI discs; radio too.
• Digital recording - Extracts CD Tracks, DAT tape, MP3, MIDI, WMA, WAV, or raw files.
• Dependent on & works with any Windows compatible sound card; Sound card selectable.
All digital processes are adjustable for sample rates, levels, etc. - no patch cables and easy to use.
• Easy to use Playlist manager with Graphical User Interface and Drag & Drop.
• Reusable Playlist, Save Playlist to disk file and reuse anytime.
• Mix file types on Playlist - .WAV, WMA, raw, MP3, MIDI.
• Playlist controls - lift tracks, add, delete, rename, move tracks.
• Playlist player and V.U. Meter- play, pause, stop, loop, and sample.
• Sample source tracks without being on Playlist - easier selections.
• CDDB Support - access the Internet music database to label CD tracks
• CD-Text - Enter disc and track info on new CDs
• SureThing Lite CD and jewel case labeler - makes full color graphics and text easy.
• More Audio Tools than other Rip & Burn Software
• Producer Audio Control Tools
• DART De-Hiss & De-Click
Producer Audio Tool Kit
• DeClick cleanup tool - removes click, pop, and scratch associated with vinyl recordings.
• DeHiss cleanup tool - removes hiss associated with audio tapes.
• 10 Band Equalizer - Preset selections for easy choices
• Fade In/Out - For audio transitions
• Comparative Normalize - For setting volume level to the same for all tracks or selected tracks.
• Real Time Support - Means you can listen to the results as you adjust
• Support for WAV & MP3 files
• Unpack - automatically separates a single track into multiple sound files!
• Unpacking one side of an LP or an entire tape into its tracks.
• Adjustable: Set silence detector thresholds, Set separation times.
• Works with WAV & MP3 files
• File Conversions - automatic and selectable:
• Automatic format conversion to CD Quality audio (44.1KHz, Stereo)
• Batch Conversion of multiple files and types.
• Make MIDI music CDs - Render MIDI files directly to Audio CD
• All digital, adjustable sample rates, levels, etc. • No patch cables, no analog
• Timer Recorder - Set record time for automatic capture of radio broadcasts.
• Set time-of-day for on and off, Set by day-of-week, Repeat selections, and more.
• Encoder - Create compressed files (WMA files).
• DirectX plug-in support:
DART DirectX plug-ins for DeClick, DeHiss, CD-Format, TrimLength, and Resample - use with other audio applications like Sound Forge, Calkwalk, and Cool Edit Pro.
Host other DirectX plug-ins with DART CD-Recorder 4.1
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CD-R and CD-RW feature:
• Supports a long list of CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW devices in SCSI, EIDE, & USB.
• Automatic CD formatting, one button converts/writes entire Playlist to Redbook CD standard.
• Burn soundfiles (MP3, WAV, WMA) to CD-Rom (Joliet files supported).
• Select CD capacity from 74 to 84 minutes (CD over-burn support).
• CD-RW Disk-at-Once Write support - best quality sound for CD audio recording.
• CD controls - set gap times (PQ controls), write simulate, etc.
• CD-Text - extract and write disc and track info.
• BURN-Proof' - protection from buffer under run errors which is a feature found in some CD-R/W devices and requires software activation. Buffer under run errors result in worthless CDs and is a common problem in higher speed (12x) drives.
• Multiple CD-R/W device support with device selection.
• CD-RW ERASE allows you to erase CD-RW discs for reuse.
Multi-Session support - Write separate playlists (optional close command).
• Support for new CD-R/W devices is continuously being added as the manufacturers release the products.

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