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Edirol PCR-1 Keyboard

edirol pcr-1
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The PCR-1 is the ideal audio-interface & keyboard controller for the traveling musician, the mobile DJ, and the home recording musician working with limited space.

For the traveling musician, the PCR-1 offers the vast majority of options you've come to expect from a high-end sound card as well as a 25-key controller that feels great under your fingers. The PCR-1 draws its power directly from the computer, so now you can compose, sequence, record, playback your music anywhere you can take your computer. After all, the beach is a much more inspiring place to write than your living room.

The mobile DJ will appreciate that the PCR-1 can use the same control maps as its big brothers in the PCR series of keyboards. Over 80 control maps for various applications & hardware devices are already available for download from our website. The PCR-1 measures just 1-3/16 inches thick & weighs a mere 2 lbs. 11 oz and comes with its own gigbag, making it easy to carry from place to place with your performance rig. It also includes a Kensington lock port, so that you can keep it from getting up and walking away while you're busy diggin' through crates of records.

The home-recording musician will love the PCR-1 for its 24-bit/96kHz audio performance capability & the very light foot-print it leaves on your desktop.

Whether working with software synths or powerful sequencing applications, the PCR-1 offers an incredible set of features and superior quality in the most tightly compact keyboard & audio interface available.

The PCR-1 is equipped with:
• Extremely compact, light-weight design:
The PCR-1 is just over one inch thick & weighs 2 lbs 11oz.
• 25 full-width, velocity-sensitive keys:
The PCR-1 offers standard width keys to ensure easy play, and 128-step velocity sensitivity.
25 assignable controllers:
• The PCR-1 offers 8 assignable knobs & 6 assignable buttons. There is a shift button to change the function of the 8 knobs & 3 of the 6 assignable buttons for a total of 25 controllable parameters per control map
16 Control Map memory locations:
• The PCR-1 offers 16 different save locations for control maps. With 25 parameters available per control map, the PCR-1 offers control over a total of 400 parameters held in the memory of the keyboard.
24-bit/96kHz Audio Processing Capability:
• The PCR-1 offers RCA input & output, S/P DIF Optical/eight inch headphone output as audio processing quality up to 24-bit/96kHz for maximum performance.
Completely USB Buss-Powered. No AC Adapter Required:
• The PCR-1 is specifically designed as a controller & audio interface for the computer. More over, it has been designed with the demands of a mobile setup in mind. Hence, the PCR-1 draws its power directly from the computer.
• The PCR-1 comes with a copy of the PCR-Editor in the box. The PCR-Editor is a powerful program that greatly eases the process of creating control maps for the PCR line of keyboards.
RCA input & output:
• The PCR-1 offers line-level recording & playback through standard RCA-style connections.
1/8" Headphone/ S/P DIF Optical output:
The eighth inch headphone jack doubles as an S/P DIF Optical output port, offering the full quality of your digital signal coming from the computer.
• Low latency driver support through WDM, ASIO2.0, & CoreAudio:
Built on the Edirol's common audio driver model, the PCR-1 offers the same low-latency & stable audio performance which you've come to expect of audio products that bare the Edirol name. With superior driver support for Mac OS X & Windows 2000/XP, the PCR-1 is nearly universally compatible with the variety of audio & MIDI applications available for Mac & Windows environments.
• Direct Monitoring for ZERO Latency monitoring of incoming audio signals:
The PCR-1 offers Direct monitoring of your input signal. You can hear what you're recording with absolutely NO computer latency. Direct Monitoring is simply a direct connection from the input of the PCR-1 to the output of the PCR-1, so the additional lag of the signal going through the computer does not affect the monitoring of the recorded signal.

• 25 Standard Width Velocity-Sensitive Keys
• 6 assignable buttons, 3 with shift for control of 9 parameters
• RCA Input
• RCA, 1/8" Headphone/Optical output
• 1-3/16" thick, 2 lbs, 11oz.
• Separate pitch & modulation controls
• Completely USB Buss-Powered
• Includes PCR-Editor & Gigbag
• Slim design

• Number of Audio Record & Playback Channels
• Record: 1 pair of stereo
• Playback: 1 pair of stereo
• Full duplex (except for 96 kHz setting)
• Signal Processing
• AD/DA Conversion: 24 bits
• PC interface: 24 bits
• Sampling Rate: 44.1/48/96 kHz
• Nominal Input Level: -10 dBu
• Input Impedance: 27 k ohms
• Nominal Output Level: -10 dBu
• Output Impedance: 1 k ohms
• Connectors: USB connector:Type B
• Line Input jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
• Line Output jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
• Headphones jack: Stereo miniature phone type
• Digital Output connector: Optical type
• Keyboard: 25 Keys (with velocity) Controllers
• Master Volume Knob
• Memory Button
• MIDI Channel Button
• Shift Button
• Octave Shift Buttons (+/-)
• Transpose Button
• Assignable Buttons (B1--6)
• Pitch Bend Switch
• Modulation Switch
• Assignable Rotary Volume Knobs (R1--8)
• Display: 7 segments, 3 characters (LED)
Rear Panel
• Input Level Knob
• Power Supply
• USB Bus Power
• Current Draw
400 mA
• Dimensions:
450(W) x 220(D) x 28(H) mm
17-3/4 (W) x 8-11/16 (D) x 1-1/8 (H) inches
• Weight
1.5 kg / 3 lbs 5 oz

• USB Cable
• Owner's Manual
• Template Sheets (GM2, BLANK)

Operating System: MacOS 9.x, and OS X
Computer: USB ready Apple Macintosh
CPU/clock: PowerPC G3/233 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 64 MB or more
OMS 2.3.3 or later. FreeMIDI 1.35 or later*
* For MacOS 8.5, 8.6, 9.x. Plug and play on MacOS X.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Me/98/98SE/2000/XP
Computer: Windows compatible equipped with a USB* port
CPU/clock: CPU/clock: Intel Pentium Cerelon or Intel compatible Processor/600 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 64 MB or more
USB Chipset: Intel's USB chipset is recommended

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